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DENVER -- Most new moms find themselves busy with baby, but police say one Johnstown mom was busy committing two armed robberies.

Investigators say both happened at the same pharmacy in Lyons--one Monday, the other over the summer.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office says it will arrest 35-year-old Abigail Jo Johnson.

Deputies have held off on charging her because of some undisclosed medical reasons.

A neighbor says she’s in the hospital.

Surveillance pictures show Johnson walking into the St. Vrain Pharmacy at 440 Main St. in Lyons.

But the new mom of a nine-month-old wasn’t picking up a prescription.

Police say she was packing heat in her purse and robbed the pharmacy of unnamed narcotics.

She wasn’t alone.

“We’re charging her with two counts of child abuse--one for her child being present in the car, one for a child who was in the pharmacy at the time of the robbery,” says Boulder County Sheriff’s Commander Heidi Prentup.

Johnson then drove 30 miles east to her Johnstown home, at 3647 Brunner Blvd., where she lives with her boyfriend.

Neighbors say she’s only lived there about nine months—but long enough for one neighbor to intervene.

“A neighbor saw the surveillance video on the news, called her, spoke to her, and convinced her to turn herself in,” says Prentup.

She turned herself in to Johnstown Police that same night.

She then admitted to Boulder Sheriff’s investigators to robbing the same pharmacy seven months ago in July.

Investigators can only speculate if drug addiction causes a new mom with no criminal record to allegedly hold up a pharmacy twice.

“One could assume that. I don’t know,” says Prentup.

If Johnson is addicted to prescription medications, a counselor we talked to says getting caught might be a blessing in disguise, so she can now get treatment.

She faces eight felonies and those two misdemeanors relating to child abuse.