Prosecutors face Monday deadline to file charges in deaths of Shanann Watts, daughters
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RAW VIDEO: SKYFOX shows firefighters battling condo fire

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  • Robert Gift

    Fire well established before discovered and reported?
    Hope everyone got their pets out.

    I would have played a garden hose on the adjacent building before it’s walls became too involved. Perhaps hopeless.
    Why not immediate use of that hand line on that wall?

    This shows how the power of a high flow monitor nozzle (on top of the engine) can push air and spread flames.

    Good video! Would like to have to seen wider view showing the fire apparatus approaching and staging.

  • Vincent Mineault

    fire department needs to respond quicker, because you can see in the video the first engine arrived at 3:50 in the video and dont know when the fire started and fire department doesn’t know how the fire started, but i thinking there could be someone set this fire in the middle and grow quicker and faster

    • Robert Gift

      They arrive as soon as they can. Maybe away on a “medical” call for someone with a cut toe.
      “Frequent fliers” – horrible people who abuse our EMS for non emergencies, often cause longer response times.

      I’m surprisd that the handline pulled to between the buildings was not immediately put to use.
      Was the fire department relying too much on their aerial nozzels?
      Several handlines can be more effective than an aerial nozzle.

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