Child airlifted after being attacked by dog in Evergreen

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EVERGREEN, Colo. -- A young child was airlifted after being attacked by a family dog in Evergreen on Tuesday afternoon, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office confirmed.

According to the sheriff's office, which confirmed the incident in a tweet around 12:45 p.m., the child was attacked in the 4700 block of Pine Road, which is just south of Evergreen Lake and just east of Evergreen Golf Course.

The 14-month-old was also airlifted away from the scene of the attack, straight to Children's Hospital in Aurora. That's where the family was at the toddler's side Tuesday night.

Later, the sheriff's office confirmed the dog had been contained inside the home and captured by Animal Control.

It was taken to an animal shelter where it will be observed for ten days for any signs of rabies.

A decision about whether the dog will be destroyed will be made after that.

One neighbor says the owners of the American bulldog kept it on a tight leash and it was never seen running around the neighborhood.



  • Ann Pirie

    It makes me sick when innocent defenseless children are attacked by loving family dogs. Please remember no matter how docile you think you animal(s) is, it is still an animal with those basic instincts. So sad.

    • Jan Smith

      Do your homework! The so-called American Bulldog is just another pit bull mix. We don’t care that some kennel club gave it a phony new name and phony papers. It’s still just another pit bull mix. And the 150th one that has tried to kill someone this year already.

    • Betty DeRosa

      Look at the picture, it’s a Pitt no matter if you call them a bully breed, that’s what a Pitt bull is. They are all loaded guns, parents who harbor these dogs, should be treated like any other parent that puts their child in harm’s way. We arrest parents for leaving a child alone
      But allow children to live in the same house as a Pitt.

  • BGT (@BGTogether)

    DAH – parents that have a pit bull and a child should be arrested. This was not a “loving family dog”. I owned an American Stafford Pitbull before I had kids – she was great BUT she could latch on & be aggressive at times. There is no way I would trust her around kids or other animals.

    • Ann Pirie

      You are smart. Not everyone has the ability to know better so that is why certain jurisdictions have laws banning pit bulls. Thank you for keeping your children safe!

    • Renee Palyo

      Thank you. I had an Akita before I had my son. Never, ever would I recommend one to a family. So important to respect the power of the animal. And remember they are animals, not people with fur. Mine never even snapped at a human. Still, I knew she was capable of inflicting great harm. Kids are just too precious to take any sort of chances.

  • Hellen McCoy

    I’m sick of reading about children being attacked by dogs ,lately it has been mostly some sort of pit bull involved . A HUGE dog in Keellin, Texas ran out of a garage and killed a 2 year old boy .
    Start doing something about this already, Please.

  • Robert Gift

    Thank you, Dennis, for your informative posts.
    I doubt that James Harding ran into traffic to be quickly killed. He was probably fleeing amd accidentally got himself hit. (Same has happened to fleeing criminals.)

    I have witnessed and broken up two pit-bull attacks on other dogs. (One may have attacked my potbellied pig, but not sure if it was a pit bull.)

    Petey of “Our Gang” was a pit bull.
    I would never risk owning one with children under teen-aged years.

  • Marissa Taylor

    This whole thing makes me sad…including how the news makes a comment about “destroying” the dog. I am sad for the child, and sad for the family, who probably should have known better, yet I have known plenty of pitts which have never attacked. Either way though, dogs should never be referred to as having to be “destroyed”…this is not the dog’s fault.

  • Kevin Snyder

    Intact male pitt. Might as well have a loaded semi-auto with one in the pipe, sitting on the table. Yeah, it PROBABLY won’t be fired accidentally…

  • Eddie Mastronardi

    so quick to want to destroy a dog for attacking a child or someone….. yet when a person murders someone or shoots up a movie theater they still have their life. The dog has natural instincts and we all don’t know what happened to make this happen, the dog should be given a second chance. Hopefully this child makes a full recovery.

    • Karla Elvis

      It’s an ANIMAL… and animals do not have more rights than HUMANS. This ANIMAL severely injured a human child… the ANIMAL needs to be put down so that it doesn’t KILL the child (or someone else) the next time… as you said, “it’s their instincts” – so there WILL be a next time.

  • Lauren Welch

    It is an American Bull Dog, yes, a bully breed. There are so many dog attacks across the U.S. but bully breeds always get the most attention since they are the types of dogs that are capable of doing damage. No matter what the breed, if a dog has aggression of any kind, that needs to be corrected immediately, ESPECIALLY if it is a bully breed just because there are so many ignorant people (like those who have commented on this post) that are quick to judge and quick to want to ban the bully breeds.

    As an owner of two bully’s myself, I know they are one of the most loving and affectionate dogs. They need training, as do ANY breed of dogs, but in no way would I say these are “naturally aggressive” dogs. Just irresponsible owners who don’t take proper precautions and train their dog! I hope the city of Evergreen doesn’t punish everyone who has bully-breed type dogs like many cities in Colorado already have.

  • Amber Huxohl

    The sad part you people arent even thinking about is HUMANS yes HUMANS I.E. Parents kill more of their kids than dogs do. Can we say what a SAD statement. Who is the monster here? Humans! A dog is an animal its their nature where humans it isnt in our nature to kill but some how there are still pyscho parents and people out there. Stop blaming these innocent dogs when the BIG picture is we have more kids die from their own parents.

  • Sara Rebeck (@nanoonka)

    Leave the breed alone. All you are doing is spreading rumors and displaying your own ignorance. It is the owners responsibility to watch their pet AND their children. Children do not know how to handle animals safetly and should NEVER be left unattended with them. Any animal is capable of harming a person, however, not as cruely as a human can do to another living being. One is instinct the other is a conscience decision- So who’s the real monster??

  • Frances Allgor

    Since when are news reports rumors? The real rumors are made up myths that stupid people believe. Like they were nanny dogs. A myth made up by a pit advocate in 1971. Then out of the other side of your mouths you say, no child should be left alone with a dog. Which is it? Make up your minds. Oh, yeah, you obviously don’t have one if you defend these mutants. Murderers of children defending other murders. That’s what you are. You are all equally responsible by perperuating the lies that these are a loving, smart breed. You are all EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE for the deaths and mutilations of babies, children, adults and normal animals. These monsters should not be near children or civilized society. I hope the child will be OK and the parents don’t just replace this “family pet” with another stupid choice. Oh, yeah, another rumor is that it’s always ANYONE OR ANYTHING else’s fault for the attack. What have sleeping babies done? What’s your excuse for that? Or a 3 day old newborn? C’mon! What’s the excuse? All of the above are documented and NOT RUMORS. Ask the grieving parents.

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