Denver family warns others about dangers of legal herbal stimulant

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DENVER -- It's an herbal stimulant that you can buy online or in smoke shops around Colorado. But one Denver family wants you to know that Kratom could kill you.

It killed their son, husband and father, they said.

Guy Garcia was only 36 when he collapsed at his parent’s home and never regained consciousness.

His family said he showed no signs of being sick.

They later learned he had been taking a drug that’s perfectly legal.  Now, they said they want to warn others.

"He was a loving, loving man is who he was,” said Guy’s wife, Carrie Garcia. "He always had a smile on his face, constantly had a smile on his face, which we don't get to see anymore, sadly."

That smile was forever wiped away Dec. 14 because of an overdose of Kratom.

The drug, made from the leaves of a tree in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and other areas of Southeast Asia, acts as both a stimulant and sedative, depending on dosage.

"He was sitting in that chair, working at the computer and he had the most horrendous grand mal seizure I have ever seen," said his Guy’s mom, Joy Atencio.

Guy would never recover — doctors declared him brain dead four days later.

"That was the end of his life and we know that it was the Kratom, and that's what the death certificate says," said Atencio.

His death certificate listed “apparent acute mitragynine toxicity” as cause of death.  Mitragynine is the chemical compound, commonly known as Kratom.

Carrie said her husband had used the drug in pill and powder form for two years to help combat anxiety.

He told his mom he became addicted after just three weeks.

"Everybody is all sweetness and light about this drug," said Atencio.

She said she is so frustrated that people make claim after claim online that Kratom is not harmful, not addictive and no big deal.

"I recommend this as a legal high," said one man about Kratom on YouTube.

"It's no big deal. I tell you, it is a big deal to me," said Atencio.

They said they want to bring awareness to others that a legal herbal stimulant has forever changed their lives.

"He was a healthy individual," said Carrie. "To know in such a short time that he was here, that a drug that is not regulated, that's glorified on the Internet, took his life."

Kratom is on the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s watch list of Drugs and Chemicals of Concern in 2013.

Only Indiana and Ohio have banned its sale.

Guy’s family said they will now push for a law to have it declared illegal in Colorado as well.



  • Wesley Todd

    I know you are really grieving your son’s death but kratom is not the cause for it. Kratom saved my own personal life as well as thousands more. I have been using kratom daily for several years. It is absolutely impossible to overdose from. If you take too much you will simply throw up. Its in the same family as the coffee tree and entirely harmless. If I were you I would realize that your son got some relief from kratom while he was alive and God took him when it was time for him to go. Be grateful that your son and husband got the relief that he did. It would really be a miserable life to have dealt with his stress etc without it. To think of all the several people a minute that die from pain pills and anti anxiety medicines in the US. There has never been a death claimed from kratom as of yet. You are the first person trying to claim it. Although thousands use it daily. It really doesn’t make sense. I understand your grief but please weigh out all the thousands getting help from it. Do you really want to be used by a pawn by big pharma to try to get kratom banned so that thousands and thousands will die by your misdiagnosis? There is only one agenda to ban kratom and that is big pharma. The news is doing their bidding and I am sure they scooped you up very happily. Never once during this report did I hear anything about a coroners report. or a legal documented cause of death. You talk about the plant and that people have not studied a plant God made well enough to save thousands of lives today. But you also never mentioned that there is no scientific proof that your husband and son died from this either. I want you to really think realistically. Think about all the sides before you blame something that had no cause of death. God bless you in your son and husbands passing. I feel very sorry for him right now seeing you try to ban something that has saved so many thousands of people including my life. I would never want to die and see anybody do what you are doing.As cruel as that sounds it is much more realistic. At least give your son and husband a real memorial and don’t kill thousands in his wake.

  • Carrie Davis

    TW, You are WRONG!!!! The coroner, after the atopsy and several toxicology tests, is the one that said it WAS A KRATOM OVERDOSE!!!! We are not making this up. As his wife, We didnt even look into making this public until we receive the final coroners report. We did release the report to the news, it was their choice not to report on that. I hope that for your sake “GOD” looks out for you and you dont seize, stop breathing, have your heart stop and be brain dead in front of your child because of Kratom. It is know to react just as an opioid, (which are from a plant as well). Do you research we are not the only family that has lost a love one due to Kratom, it has happened in the USA and in other countries as well.

    • Jimmy Beerse

      How many people sit around and wait for people to comment on an article regarding their husbands death? This is all a lie and if the people reading this cannot see and put two and two together than shame on you. I’m sorry to say but if my wife died I wouldn’t be trolling the net waiting for people to comment on her article. Common sense people use common sense!!! I believe this article like I believe in fluffy purple space men.

    • Scott

      So how much did he take? Cause I’ve eaten over half a kilo of kratom in one day & I just felt kind of sleepy…

      How come I didn’t overdose? Please explain.

      Try to drink 4 liters of alcohol in one day & tell me how you feel about that legal substance. You probably wouldn’t be able to because your head would be in the toilet IF you lived through it.

  • Timmy Mohsen Harivandi

    I have taken kratom every single day for the past 6 months, usually upwards of 15-30 grams per day and I have had nothing but relief and peace of mind. He is right, the only negative side effect of overdose is vomiting, you can not die from Kratom. How about they worry about banning alcohol, which has killed millions of liver disease. Rest in peace to this guy, but Kratom isn’t what caused his death, there have never been any other reported cases in the thousands of years of existence, it wouldn’t just happen to “one” guy… I am not buying this story, nice try to use as a scare tactic just to get it banned by the DEA… they don’t want their pharmacy industry to go out of business with all the horrific pills and synthetic drugs they use.. way to throw kratom under the bus, just like they did with marijuana.

  • Timmy Mohsen Harivandi

    Kratom saves lives, not takes them. FOX take this story down NOW! I am demanding you not asking you. Such b.s. that you would lie to this mans family and use him as a scapegoat, these doctors should be disgusted in themselves!! They needed something to blame a persons death on so they blame it on kratom, such b.s.!! I am livid… this is absurd and sad that they would lie.. but that’s the media and government for ya!

    • Robert Gift

      “Kratom saves lives, not takes them. FOX take this story down NOW! I am demanding you not asking you.”
      You have proof?
      None, whatsoever?
      (Wrong, they don’t need anything to blame the death on.) Try again.

  • turtlehurricane

    The only reason they put Kratom overdose on the death certificate is because his family was convinced Kratom killed him and told that to the coroner. Kratom simply doesn’t cause seizures. He might’ve been doing bath salts or had an underlying medical condition.

    Also Kratom isn’t really a stimulant, this is terrible reporting.

    • Robert Gift

      No, TH. The coroner does not just accept what anyonelse claims.
      How absurd to even think that. (Is Kratom diminishing your mentation?)
      Yes, if doing Kratom he may have been taking other substances. But I’d expect them to also be mentioned here.

      • Scott

        Spice & Bath Salts do not show up on drug screens, so no coroner would know what to look for. You said Kratom, that’s all he had to go on. His actual cause of death was a “seizure caused by unknown condition or substance”.

  • Ziggy Ilikeham Nolan

    So sorry to hear about this.
    Were there blood tests taken that can show what level of alkaloids were in this poor mans blood?
    There have been other deaths attributed to kratom but it turns out that it was either laced with dangerous research chemicals (in the case of several deaths due to Kryptom, a product sold as a kratom extract) and also opiate pain killers have been found when kratom products were tested.
    The blood test should clear up what was in this mans system at the time of death, and at what levels.

  • J.C (@JAhootz)

    I am sorry to hear of your loss. It isn’t easy to lose a loved one to such a sudden, unexpected event. But please, don’t take the grief you’re experiencing and let it drive you to do things that would harm others.

    I too have used kratom medically, on a daily basis, to relieve pain for over 2 years now (and as an occasional relaxant for 5 years prior to that). It has been a godsend for me and my wife, who also uses it for pain control (we also have one other close family member who began using it 6 months ago to control intractable neuropathic pain due to diabetes). It has helped me get off all prescription pain killers and has never once caused any health concern for myself or anyone else I know who uses it. This plant has been used for many thousands of years and has never to my knowledge been known to contribute directly to even a single death or other major health issue. I would be very shocked to see irrefutable proof from the coroner that kratom was the sole and direct cause of your loved ones death.

    Please, don’t make it harder for me and my loved ones to obtain the incredible healing powers of this amazing plant. I applaud any and all efforts to study this plant, to educate others on its uses, and to learn about any possible dangers it might pose, but I and my loved ones will fight tooth and nail to keep this plant legal here in Colorado. Prohibition does NOT work, education and honesty is the path forward.

  • Kim Jerue

    How many people die from heart attacks from too much caffine???? How many people die from double cheeseburgers that are not even real meat?? What about the yoga mat material that is being placed in our bread????? And the pesticides spayed on out vegetables?? And the chicken that has more steroids then most body builders??????I am thinking there has to be an underlining problem. Funny thing that is going on right now. First case off kratom over dose hummm very strange indeed. And to the wife why are you sitting in font of the computer waiting for someone to speak on this you should be healing your family right now. I am sorry he passed but there is more to this then meets the eye….GOD hep us ALL in this world we are in today…

  • Kratom Truthtk

    My heart goes out to the family for their loss. I cannot claim to even begin to understand what they may be feeling over this. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Like others, I find it very hard to believe that his death was due solely to kratom. There are thousands of deaths every year from prescription pain killers. If this is true, it would be the FIRST death ever attributable solely to kratom. There have been a handful of others where the deceased had used kratom, but there were always other drugs involved. The fact is that this plant saves thousands of lives every year by helping get people off of much more dangerous and addictive prescription opiates. I am very sorry you have had to go through this, but please consider the bigger picture before pushing this further into the media. It will not help your family and can only cause further death by cutting off an important outlet for those addicted to more dangerous drugs.

  • Ed Hoy

    This story is riddled with holes. While I truly feel sorry for this person and their family, I do not believe that Kratom alone caused this persons death.

    7 years ago I was hopelessly addicted to and dependent on pharmaceutical pain medication while under the care of my physician. Hydrocodone and Oxycodone mixed with acetaminophen are the number one most prescribed pharmaceuticals in this country by a very wide margin. They are also the largest cause of overdose and liver toxicity deaths. NUMBER 1 on both counts. Opiates like these are also the primary reason that people turn to heroin. I, at that time, was seeking relief from chronic debilitating back pain caused by bulging discs and degenerative disc disease. I also suffered from diverticulitis. After a very short amount of time, these prescription pain medications no longer worked to treat my pain, but did demand that I continue taking them to avoid withdrawal. I was hopeless.
    At that time, I researched Mitragyna Speciosa ( aka Kratom)
    Kratom has been used in Southeast Asia, for hundreds and probably thousands of years by human beings. It has been studied by many Universities, Pharmaceutical companies, and toxicologists both in this country and others. It has been tested on animals, and studied at length in humans. There has been no evidence that Kratom by itself is toxic. Any anecdotal reports of kratom causing seizures, or liver toxicity have been found to have been caused by other substances being used in conjunction with kratom.

    The reason that we are currently seeing so much misinformation surrounding this plant is due to the FACT that the Pharmaceutical industry has a very long and demonstrable prejudice against un-patent-able, natural alternatives to their proprietary poisons. There is a very active smear campaign being waged by big pharma, against this completely natural, non-toxic plant. To think otherwise would be to ignore the mountain of historical evidence that shows big pharma interfering with many natural plant remedies. What big pharma does to benefit their businesses is unconscionable.

    I have used Kratom almost daily for the last 7 years, at the same small dosage of plain leaf. It has completely treated my IBS and diverticulitis, as well as effectively treated my back pain. I no longer take any prescription medication, and I am healthy, happy, and lead a very productive life. Kratom absolutely does not get me high, nor diminish my cognitive abilities. I take my health VERY seriously, and for the past 7 years have studied every bit of information that I can find about this plant, in an effort to make sure that I am being safe. There is no credible evidence that kratom used alone is toxic, nor detrimental to my health.

    Again, I feel very sorry for this families loss, but I am absolutely sure that the coroner could not have determined that Kratom alone caused this persons death. This story is another piece to a very active campaign of yellow journalism, being promoted by big pharma.

      • Ed Hoy

        Hi Robert. They could, but there isn’t enough profit in it, so they don’t. “Big Pharma” rely on patents to protect their market share for a period of time while they profit. Since this is a plant, which is effective in it’s natural state, there is very little financial incentive for major pharmaceutical companies to compete with it. The profits just don’t add up for them.

      • Scott

        No actually. They can’t. Because most countries with patent laws say you can’t patent a plant. No patent means anyone can sell it.

    • Janet Willer

      Love your comment! Thank you sooo much. There is a filmmaker named Tony Larson that is making a documentary about people who use Kratom for health benefits. I never get high either! It seems like you must need to take a lot for that. For me, it is the one and only antidepressant to ever work for me. EVER. I am only on Kratom and a super healthy diet. It changed my entire life and therefore, that of my husband and children. I also feel if the big pharma companies were to look into this they would get right on board. I mean, if you sell something that actually works and has other healthy properties…who wouldn’t want that? Hellooooooo big pharma…this is your future calling! Answer the phone of leave me alone.

  • Janet Willer

    How many alcohol related deaths are there every year? A man died from drinking Red Bull and there are 13, yes 13 5-hour Energy deaths and you CAN die if you drink too much water. So, buyer beware for anything, not just Kratom. You can be on a prescription medication and die from drinking Grapefruit juice, yet all these products from alcohol to cigarettes are still readily available. Kratom is not the problem here and for thousands and thousands and thousands of people it is the SOLUTION. I am so very sorry for your loss. I can imagine myself reacting the same way, looking for a reason, someone or something to blame. It’s just too much to bear, to loose a child. However, making Kratom out to be the bad guy here is not the answer.

  • Primo Nana

    So very sorry for your loss. It is always very sad for a child to lose a dad, wife to lose a husband.
    I wonder, was the Kratom he was using tested for adulterants?
    That he took a grand mal seizure could be a cause of ‘other’
    things going on.
    The fact that he had Kratom in his system should not be attributed to his death just because it was there.
    Sounds disjointed to me.
    This would be the first known death from ‘Kratom only’
    in this country as well as thailand, where in it’s origins, none have been
    reported specifically due to Kratom alone.
    Kratom has got me off prescribed pharm painkillers that kill one person in this country from accidental overdose every 19 minutes.
    I think the cause of this young man’s death needs to be delved
    into deeper to see what the cause of the grand mal seizure was.
    Again, sorry for your loss, but please do not try to restrict an herb
    that is helping so many get off toxic pharm meds that kill every day.

  • Kim Jerue

    I just don’t understand …… I am really at a lose for words here. Time will tell.It just scares me to death to think I will be placed upon the merry go round of antidepressants again. I suppose no one cares if MY life spins out of control again, after all who am I?? I am just someones mother, someones grandmother, someones sister, someones daughter, someones aunt, someones girlfriend and someones good friend. I guess I am nobody…:(

    • luxx2014

      Get a new pdoc. Mine does genetic testing to determine the best and safest course of meds for you. They are called Compass Health Systems and they’re amazing.

  • worthing1981

    I am very very sorry for your loss. And I hope anyone advocating for kratom can respect what they are going through. Guy was not very much old than I am and I also have kids I don’t want to have left alone due to a dangerous product. Is there some specific details that can be released? Like many others here I have taken kratom (pure plain leaf no pills extracts or other adulterated forms) for over a year. It has been a godsend for my family as an alternative to pain pills which doctors had me on for over 3 years. Life on pain pills was horrendous for my family and me. Kratom has offered pain relief without the addictive qualities and side effects of Rx pain pills. If they is really a problem with kratom I am the first that wants to know. Can the family please shed some light on his daily doseage, where he bought it, any other possible drugs that he may have been taking at the time. There is no released record of the death certificate or tests online to verify any of these claims but that doesnt mean much one way or the other. Once again I am so sorry for your loss and appreciate the candid story but some concrete evidence would be greatly appreciated. Many have gotten defensive about kratom because of the positive life changes it has provided to a very ugly and deadly side effects to Rx pills. To other advocates pleaseshow respect to the family. God bless the Guy E Garcia family!

  • Bill Davis

    I love the slander and uneducated comments on here. I am Guys brother in law. I am also an alcoholic in recovery. Kratom is the cause of death. The coroner found massive amounts in his brain. That,s why the cause of death on the death certificate is acute mitragynine toxicity. There is evidence to back this up. I love the way most of these comments are from addicts using kratom as a replacement. Haven’t you ever heard of 12 steps and abstinence of all mind altering substances. Replacement therapy is supposed to be short term to get you off of drugs. Not a replacement. I never thought short term was 7 plus years. All these comments would be like me saying that I only drink a little vanilla extract every day to cope with my alcoholism. The fact of the matter is we are getting the word out about Kratom. Which is not regulated and can be cut with anything. I know first hand how hard it is to stop and stay stopped but replacement therapy by self medicating is not the answer to addiction recovery.

    • Deanne Mysidia Foster

      I am sorry for your loss. It’s terrible to lose someone so sudden and bury someone so young.

      Kratom isn’t the culprit, sorry. This plant has been utilized for thousands of years in Asian medicine and there isn’t one documented death associated with just Kratom use. Kratom has a tolerance ceiling and has diminishing returns if you consume over a certain amount.

      Kratom didn’t kill your brother in law. Get the autopsy report and read it.

      • Bill Davis

        The cause of death is listed as acute mitragynine toxicity. The reason i wrote can be cut with anything is do to stuff like bath salts, ghb, cocaine, kratom and anything else that there are no guidelines for the process and manufacturing.You know like ROWS compliance and ISO certifications. If you were to look back and read what my sister wrote on the second comment you would know that the coroner is the one that determined the cause of death. Thanks for your condolences.

    • Ed Hoy

      Bill, I hope that you don’t think that I am slandering anyone in your family. Your loss is terrible, and I honestly understand that you believe what you have been told by the coroner. I also believe that it is possible that some coroners, sometimes make mistakes. I believe that if you look into what the barriers of entry are to becoming a coroner, you may be very surprised to find out that it is largely a political appointment, and that any type of doctor is eligible. I am not defending, nor condoning addiction. Addiction is a disease. My testimony is quite personal, and only speaks to the treatment of my ailments which again are diverticulitis, degenerative disc disease, and bulging discs. I assure you that they cause(d) very real pain, which the medical community does its best to treat with debilitating drugs and surgery. I prefer to treat my conditions with a plant, in it’s unadulterated form, which works for me without any of the side effects of more traditional western medicine. I do not intend to malign you, nor your family, and honestly empathize with the way you must feel. Nonetheless, there is no scientific evidence to show that kratom , nor any of the alkaloids found in kratom are lethal, nor toxic. I wish that you could try to understand that just because we don’t agree, or have differing information, that this is not an attack on you, nor your family. I am very sorry for your loss, and hope that you look beyond what you have been told by the local coroner, to find out what may have actually killed your brother in-law. It is possible that your experience with your own addiction may be clouding your ability to objectively evaluate this situation. I do not wish, nor intend to argue with you about this, as I believe that would be unfair to you during this time of grief. I honestly mean no harm to you, nor am I trying to defend addiction of any type.
      Please accept my sincere and heartfelt condolences.

    • Primo Nana

      Hi Bill, I hope you & your family know that no one is trying to be disrespectful in light of your recent loss.
      I use Kratom for severe & debilitating pain relief from OA, and only as a replacement to the pharm meds that were prescribed as such and caused more problems than relief, including hyperanalgesia after 2 years use.
      So, when you say addicts use kratom as a replacement for other drug use, this is just wrong. Kratom while doing many things in a gentle way
      does not get one high.
      Please do not assume that everybody taking Kratom is getting high.
      It just isn’t true. This herb is used medicinally by most users with
      wonderful results, saving many the pitfalls & side affects of the toxic
      pharm meds.
      I use Kratom responsibly and it has given me my quality of life back from a disease to which there is no cure.

  • Ashley Thomas

    Has anyone of y’all ever googled Kratom? there are several website and news stories that report it is dangerous. for an example this link and this website Clearly the family has read the autopsy report several times or else they would not be trying to warn others about it. Just because it is a “natural herb” does not mean it is good for you. There is a reason it is illegal in 2 states already. It is being imported form other countries you don’t know what you are really getting you could be taking anything. There is no need to be upset because you think this supplement is working for you and you are afraid it will be taken off the market. Wouldn’t you want the DEA to do some research to see if it is harmful? or you could be next. You never know in the long run you may be thanking Guys family. It is so sad how disrespectful people are over a supplement. What has this world come to. If I was taking a med and someone reported it killed someone I would be concerned not offensive. Maybe the medication is making you that way lol .

      • Ed Hoy

        Your comment makes no sense. Who” ‘all” is afraid to “stop it”? If it treats pain, with little to no side effects, why would anyone seeking relief not use it? Where, other than in your head, do you believe that actual pain registers? Actually, never mind. I should have stopped reading the moment you said “y’all”.

    • J.C (@JAhootz)

      Ashley, I think many people are saying they use it for chronic health issues, and THAT is why the don’t stop it. Of course we’re concerned if kratom had a direct relation to this mans death, but many of us are skeptical considering the history of this plant. It has generally been known as safe.

      We want study, we want education, we want truth. What we don’t want is hysteria. Just because it’s illegal in 2 states, that doesn’t mean it’s harmful (cannabis, anyone?).

      I for one would like to read the report. The quote from the report in the article says “apparent acute mitragynine toxicity”. I don’t know about anyone else, but that word “apparent” doesn’t make me feel like the coroner was 100% sure about the cause of death.

    • Deanne Mysidia Foster

      Umm… can you link a source that doesn’t work with pharmaceutical lobbyists?? CBS is known to have a few in their pockets since their upper echelon has stock in the pharmaceutical industry. Give me third party links that says Kratom is dangerous, and I will walk away. Go ahead… I’ll wait.

  • Clayton (@crazy8jacky)

    1) Many people use kratom in place of prescription medications because they have a chronic illness requiring treatment. For me personally, I experience significant side effects from opiates and muscle relaxers. Kratom has less side effects, generally the only side effect I experience is constipation.

    2) Regulating kratom would be great, but what the FDA is focusing on is an outright ban. Surely there is a middle ground between zero regulation and complete prohibition. I think this is what many people are concerned about.

    3) If kratom was an extremely dangerous substance then I believe we would be seeing significantly more death reports attributed to kratom. As it stands, there are very few death reports that attribute death to kratom, and when they do there are often significantly more dangerous drugs in the person’s system.

    4) I am sorry your relation has died. As someone who has regularly utilized kratom for years I find it very difficult to believe. As such, I would prefer to not have this rare instance sensationalized without something more than an anonymous posting on the internet. I am not saying this did not happen, but it is a claim that may have significant repercussions and deserves at least some proof.

  • John J (@Daofficialjohnj)

    my father had a seizure at 40 and was brain dead… you know from what? ALCOHOL! This whole thing smells like bs.. if this is true im sorry for your lose but the mothers crying looks as bad as jaden smiths acting .. it also doesnt take much to slip some money under the table to change the death report to help ban a safe herb like they been trying to do

  • luxx2014

    If you people think its worth the risk, go for it. Hopefully you never suffer a horrible and sudden reaction. But seriously, for those of you attacking Guy’s wife and mother, go choke. They are trying to bring awareness. There is a reason why kratom is banned in other countries. I used to be a kratom user. It helped with pain and put me in a really nice headspace. ButiI knew Guy and I’m sure he thought as I did, as many of you do, that it was safe. Yes, seizure is rare but if you scratch below the surface you will find case study after case study correlating kratom use with seizure. Believe it or don’t …it’s your life but I assure you this article isn’t BS.

    • cjordan242

      Correlation doesn’t imply high probability of it actually happening.There are lots of negative correlations made with products that are widely accepted as being safe, doesn’t mean that we ban them. There is a direct correlation with the painkiller Tramadol inducing a seizure and a fairly high chance of it happening, far greater than Kratom, yet it isn’t banned and still very often prescribed.

      • luxx2014

        Well, good luck with it. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind. Particularly the minds of people who already think they “know” everything. So blinded by self righteous indignation that you can’t even listen to reason. The brutal reality is that you’re taking a risk that you really don’t need to. But suit yourselves. Trust me. I’ve done plenty of research myself on both sides of this issue and was also a user. But I’m not stupid enough to believe I’m excepmt from the risks. Why don’t you join a experimental group that studies the effects of Kratom over time ….maybe your argument will hold more merrit then. But until that point, stop telling people its safe when we have physical evidence to the contrary.

  • AlexandriaSmiless (@AlexSmiless)

    I am very sorry for your loss. However, Kratom is not to blame. It has been used for thousands of years and there have never been any reported deaths. In fact, all research points the safety of kratom.

    I really wish the media would stop exploiting the grieving and stop contributing to fear mongering.

    I have known people who have greatly benefited from kratom, as well as myself. People who have gotten their quality of life back because of this plant.

    Where is the truth in the media these days. There is no legitimate evidence in this story. I am sad for the loss, however there are not actual facts only hearsay. Where is the actual toxicology report?

    Furthermore news stories should always be unbaised,

    I ask this reporter, where is the other side of the story? Obviously looking at the comments section alone, there are many advocates for kratom, why is this aspect not represented in the story as well?

  • luxx2014

    No people are doing a fine job advocating it on your own. Try looking at actual scientific, peer reviewed reports and case studies. But if you don’t want to listen, do as you please.

  • clgm1

    All of you defending Kratom, take your blinders off. If you saw the news guy admitted to his family he was addicted after just 3 weeks. This is no BS. I am his mother in kea and could clearly tell when he a
    Was high on Kratom. You are all kidding yourself a and defending your use of a dangerous drug with very little known about it. I trust a coroner over druggies. There have been numerous deaths from Kratom and most were from the ugly seizures they suffered. There were no signs of aneurism, blood vessel problems or abnormalities of the brain that would cause this type of seizure. You are all a bunch of heartless people. My daughter and guys mother are looking for nothing more than to try and save at least on life from the use of Kratom. More studies are needed. It is your choice to continue to use it is our goal to save lives. Keep your negative comments to your selfs. We are not going to back down from our cause.

    • cjordan242

      There is always potential for anybody to have a fatal reaction like seizures in response to many drugs and supplements. Even things that are considered very safe for most people. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA. None of the products you see in GNC or other health stores are regulated. They all have the potential to be dangerous or be mixed with illicit substances. This is not something specific to Kratom. Yohimbe root for example, is a popular herbal stimulant in tons of supplements that carries a risk of inducing seizure or lowering a persons seizure threshold. Many people have suffered seizures and heart failure from caffeine. Thousands die from pharmaceutical drugs that they are prescribed to them every year. Thousands more from alcohol and tobacco. You can google these things. They are well known. To single out Kratom because a very small portion of the users can have an adverse response doesn’t make sense. Why don’t you want to ban these other things that I have mentioned? Immediately advocating for a ban is not a rational response. If we follow that logic than everything should be illegal. Maybe warning labels or age restrictions might be a better start. None of us think it should be sold in gas stations and smoke shops and be available to minors. Some of those packages of Kratom sold in gas stations were found to be mixed with other chemicals and stimulants that could be dangerous. Like i said before, this is not a problem specific to kratom. Many health supplements have been found to be and are still mixed with dangerous stimulants that can have adverse effects. The majority of kratom users buy from reputable vendors online not from shady companies that sell packages in liquor stores and gas stations.

      There are plenty of studies showing that the benefits of kratom outweigh the negatives, along with hundreds of years of observed use in Asia. Thailand, where Kratom has seen the most historical use and grows abundantly, finally decriminalized Kratom in Dec. due to the overwhelming evidence of it being safe, it being of no detriment to society and it having a long history of traditional use. This isn’t a plant that just sprung up in the last few years. Alternative remedies have existed long before pharmaceuticals. In all the past cases of reported death there were other chemicals found ingested and underlying health conditons. Nothing definitive that says Kratom was the cause.

      I personally take kratom for pain relief.
      My doctor diagnosed me with Ankylosing Spondylits. It is an agonizingly painful auto immune condition. It feels like my spine and joints are being crushed in a vise 24 hours a day. None of the pharmaceutical anti inflammatory meds are effective and they all cause very adverse effects like ulcers, high blood pressure, migraines etc. I was prescribed opiates but stopped taking them because they are highly addictive and often harmful to your liver. My only other medical option is to take very expensive immunosupressant, disease modifying drugs for the rest of my life. They are basically low dose chemotherapy. These are completely unaffordable (20k a year) and the side effects are absolutely horrendous. I have been using Kratom as an alternative for the last 2.5 years to alleviate my pain. It has saved my life. It takes away the pain and inflammation like nothing else and I have never had any adverse effects. It enables me to be active and productive. This is the case with the majority of Kratom users. We are mature adults not children. To dismiss us all as “druggies” or people looking for a quick high and say that our physical pain is in our heads is truly disgusting. Yet you call us heartless. What you are arguing is that Kratom shouldn’t be available for me and others to take because it carries potential risks that are less than most pharmaceuticals, but you are perfectly ok with me and many others being put back on opiates and other horrible drugs for our medical conditions and becoming pharmaceutical made junkies. Again, this makes no sense. Please don’t marginalize our pain and suffering and advocate banning a plant that is highly beneficial for the overwhelming majority of users. I am sorry for your loss but a ban on Kratom would ruin mine and many many other peoples lives.

    • J.C (@JAhootz)

      I am very sorry for the loss of your son. May he forever rest in peace. There are definitely some insensitive and defensive comments here and I can understand why they rankle. But please also note the many sensitive, thoughtful and informative comments here as well.

      I don’t see here a bunch of “druggies”, what I see are people who were in desperate need of relief for various ailments, and they all found it through kratom, which for them has been nothing but a healing presence in their lives. Surely you can see why there is some skepticism about the coroners conclusion? Why there is some defensiveness about this plant that has long been known to be safe and healing?

      You’re threatening to have it all taken away because of this freak and tragic death. We implore you to focus instead on pushing for more research, more logical and unbiased education for users and the public alike. Push for a ban on those under 18, that I can support, but adults should be free to make the choice about kratom for themselves, without anyone coercing them otherwise.

      I for one would love to speak with you, your family, and the coroner about what happened here. If kratom did play a direct and causal role in your sons death, it was a rare and freak occurrence and I think most kratom consumers would greatly appreciate factual, unbiased information on what happened so that they can take rational steps to protect themselves if they choose to continue using kratom.

      Humanity has many thousands of legal RX medications that have a long list of very serious potential side effects, including seizure and death, but we don’t ban them, we study them, educate doctors and the public about them, and do our best to use them in the safest ways possible.

    • Primo Nana

      Please, if you are going to make outrageous statements, back them up with links to ‘all’ these deaths from Kratom.
      Someone dies every 19 minutes in this country from legal prescribed drugs, I bet you can’t produce one article/link backing up your claims,
      if so, do it.
      There is more to this story than meets the eye.
      AND, I am not a druggie, but if big pharm had their way, I would be.

  • luxx2014

    My point is, do what you want. But refusing to believe there is a risk, to the point you aren’t willing to believe that this man lost his life because of it, you’re foolish. So incredibly foolish, don’t ask. I’m trying to be polite but the truth is, a good person is dead …because he thought exactly the same way you people do. Your behavior won’t change.and we will start seeing more articles from your families about you. Is it really worth the risk? Are you even willing to admit the risk is real?

  • luxx2014

    And btw, if you’re that concered, talk to the FDA. They are the ones threatened to “take it away”. I don’t believe in banning drugs, personally, buy if you’re provided with solid information warning that something may not only be harmful but deadly and you still refuse to listen, go for it. At the very least, admit you don’t know as much as you think you do.

  • J.C (@JAhootz)

    luxx2014: I was referencing the mother who in the video said the family was going to push for a bill to ban kratom in CO.

    I actually know an incredible amount about kratom (I’ve read all I could find about it for 7 years). I don’t put things into my body without knowing as much as possible about it. Instead of criminalizing nature, we should be studying all we can, talking to users, and educating everyone who cares to know.

  • luxx2014

    Then you ‘ve also read the labels stating that it is not meant for human consuption as a way to side step the FDA. Guy’s mother may be pushing for a ban but the FDA is already taking a very hard look at banning it anyway. Though I am not personally a proponent of of any kind of prohibition, it would be nice if people would actually weigh the risks. There is a thing called confirmation bias where people will only seek out information that supports their current belief systems. We see it all of the time. Certain groups of people will never choose to believe risks to their personal well being. Quite honestly, I don’t care what people choose to do with their own bodies. If they’ve researched all sides of the spectrum in earnest and feel the benefits out weigh the risk then go for it ….just don’t sit their and pretend there are no risks. We lost a friend and a family member. A father. A very healthy 36 year old man who by all accounts lead a clean and responsible lifestyle. I, personally, didn’t need any more proof than that to quit. In fact, I had started suffering severe migraines, myself. I ended up in the hospital over it. It never accured to methat kratom could have contributed but I’m not going to say maybe it didn’t. Again, I don’t care what you do with your lives. Listen or don’t. If something does happen to you, it will be your loved ones who pay for your decision …and when its this bloody avoidable, I can’t call it anything other than stupidity.

    • luxx2014

      What exactly is it that you find funny? That my friend died violently and needlessly in front of his family INCLUDING hos child or that anyone would even deign to suggest its dangers? I just want to know because apparently you’re laughing about it which I personally find tacty and distasteful.

  • Crystal Elizabeth Herman

    I’m so sorry for your loss. But this was not the first time this man took Kratom right? This is an herbal dietary supplement, just like any other drug, you need to treat it with respect. The worst that has ever happened to me is my body rejecting it and me throwing it back up. The positives? Helps with anxiety, pain, gives you energy helps addicts get off of opiates and even makes you happy. I think this man had another underlying issue. But his death has sparked out rage and could potentially ruin it for the rest of us…

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