Convicted sex offender Eric Hartwell captured at Virginia motel

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NORFOLK, Va. --Wanted sex offender Eric Hartwell, who escaped earlier in February, was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals Service in Norfolk, Va. Friday, a source told FOX31 Denver's Julie Hayden.

Hayden also learned that U.S. Marshals tracked Hartwell to a Motel 6 in Norfolk, where they kicked in his door and arrested him.

Friday morning, U.S. Marshals confirmed the capture of Hartwell at a motel off of Military Highway in Norfolk shortly after 9 a.m. MST.

“We have been relentlessly pursuing Hartwell, day and night, as he fled across the country,” said U.S. Marshals Chief Deputy Kenneth Deal. “When a dangerous predator is on the loose we don’t stop. Public safety is always our main concern.”

The information came in a day after an alert was issued to students at Eastern Washington University/Cheney Thursday regarding possible sightings of Hartwell in town and on campus.


DPD tweeted on Feb. 22, 2014 they were searching for convicted sex offender Eric Hartwell. (Photo: Colo. Sex Offender Website)

Hartwell escaped from a Denver halfway house on Feb. 21 after reportedly cutting off his ankle monitor, and both Colorado and federal law enforcement authorities have been searching for the convicted sex offender ever since.

Colorado Department of Corrections spokesman Roger Hudson had told FOX31 Denver that Hartwell was on duel supervision when he walked away from Community Corrections on Feb. 21.

Hudson said Hartwell has been on parole through Colorado since Dec. 20 for failing to register as a sex offender and was on probation with federal law enforcement for previous sex crimes.



  • Kae Mechiso

    The system just can’t get past the failed “he paid his debt to society, he can be rehabilitated blah blah blah. I don’t know when this kinder and gentler progressive criminal justice philosophy started, but It fails to take into account the fact that for many criminals prison or jail time is just the cost of doing business. Three strikes and your out was a welcome change but the failure to recognize the criminal that has chosen a career path of crime instead of becoming a law abiding productive member of society is the biggest problem of the criminal justice system. Identifying these recidivist early and warehousing them in prison to protect the rest of us is the way to go. The cost of imprisonment is minor compared to the cost these criminals impose on society while pursuing their chosen career.

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