VIDEO: Supreme Court secretly recorded by campaign finance reform group

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The Supreme Court. (Credit: CNN)

WASHINGTON — In an apparent first at the tradition-minded Supreme Court, an advocacy group surreptitiously recorded video of an oral argument.

The group, which supports campaign finance reform, posted the video of Wednesday’s proceedings on YouTube as part of a protest over the issue.

No electronic devices, or still or video cameras are permitted in the court’s public sessions.

All spectators, including members of the media are screened with magnetometers at the entrance to the ornate courtroom.

There was no immediate explanation of how a camera was smuggled past security.

“The court became aware today of the video posted on YouTube,” court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said in a statement. “Court officials are in the process of reviewing the video and our courtroom screening procedures.”

The taping as well as an interruption by a spectator who witness said began talking loudly about campaign finance reform, apparently occurred near the end of arguments.

The nine justices and counsel were engaged in a case on attorney fees in patent disputes.

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  • SpamFace Plant

    Same type of folks who recorded Romneys fund raiser for nefarious purpose of influencing the low information voters feeble minds. They operate with the sole premise of electing test case presidents that meet their flavor of the month. Next up, first woman test case president who is a fat old gal seeking to keep her dirty old man around impressionable young female interns so he can continue to defile the white house.

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