Residents voice concerns about Trader Joe’s parking chaos at town hall meeting

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DENVER -- From day one, Trader Joe's was a hit. It took directing traffic to get everyone in to this store, and nearly two weeks later the novelty hasn't worn off. That is, except for those like Joanne Bader, who live near the store.

“Everybody is so excited, that's why there's a parking problem,” said Bader.

She lives in the north Hilltop neighborhood and said since Trader Joe’s opened at E. 8th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard, her streets have been a mess, with shoppers parking in front of fire hydrants, and more.

“We've had lots of hit-and-runs where people sideswipe the cars, the cars are damaged, and no one stays around,” she said. “We even have shoppers parking in private homes’ driveways because they can't find parking.”

Thursday night Bader brought a petition with 148 signature on it to a town hall meeting with Denver city council president Mary Beth Susman, who said the city does plan to look into parking solutions, but not until the excitement over the store dies down.

“[We’re going to] take a look if there are signs that could be made, if there are traffic situations that we can make. We want to have it normalize first for a while so we know what the traffic is going to be like going forward,” said Susman.

Several neighborhood residents expressed their concerns at the meeting. But they're clear on one thing: they are happy the store is here.

“We want them here,” said Bader. “We just need some solutions to some of the impact that's been on the neighborhood so we're all happy they're here.”


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  • Snarky Cosmos

    The wife went to the People’s Republic of Boulder Trader Joe’s and told me the place was OK; but nothing special, parking was at a premium, and she didn’t see what all the hype is about the place. She said she can get a better selection at Sprouts, Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, and King Soopers. She was glad she took my advice and avoided the 8th & Colorado location.

    I have no idea who in Denver government is responsible for approving locations for commercial enterprises like this; but it sure sounds like whatever traffic and neighborhood impact studies that might have been done were ignored by higher ups in order to get Trader Joe’s to come to Denver.

    70 – 80 parking spaces is not that many, and how many are occupied by employees? It seems to me that Denver should have persuaded Trader Joe’s to locate somewhere in the Stapleton or Lowry areas.

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