Only bowling alley in Golden closes its doors

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GOLDEN, Colo. -- For 56 years, the Golden Bowl has been the spot for many to lace up their bowling shoes, grab a ball and knock over some pins. On Sunday, Golden's only bowling alley opened its doors for the last time and many came out to mark its final frame.

"You can do all you-can-bowl until eight o'clock," said Cindy Keily, co-owner of Golden Bowl.

Suzanne, who lives in Golden, brought her three kids.

"They always want to come here and go bowling," said Suzanne.

It's a place they have enjoyed coming to because Suzanne said her kids can burn off some energy and also have fun.

But, all of this will soon be gone to make way for a Natural Grocers store.

The owner of the building decided to sell even though many, including Suzanne, didn't want to see the bowling ally go.

"It's nice and convenient to have a Vitamin Cottage," said Suzanne. "You know it's a good store, but it's not quite the same."

While much of the space will be re-done to accommodate the Natural Grocers, there are some pieces of the bowling ally that are staying behind, including the neon sign that currently hangs outside.

"That will be inside their store. So, I guess to kind of honor the location," said Michael Keily, co-owner of Golden Bowl.

The Golden History Museums said it also plans to take some of the bowling shoes, bowling balls and pins to remember a company that has been in business since 1958.

"I will miss all the people cause some of them I'm sure I will never see again," said Cindy Keily.

It's an end of an era in Golden, but the history won't be forgotten.

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