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Wisc. Mom shamed her daughter on Facebook

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  • Dennis Cavender

    think that the mother is right for “disciplining” her child even on Facebook. That quack doctor should have sided with the mother. That is what wrong with society today. You cant discipline your child fear of having CPS call for child abuse.
    When I was a kid if I done wrong I either got a spanking, a belt or had to go get our switch.

  • Laura Saldin

    I’m proud of that mom for taking the time to react to what her daughter had done, and took drastic action. I have seen too many children get hurt from others on Facebook. I back that mother 100%

  • Rodney Albert

    You can thank Doctor’s like that, for the way kids are acting out in society now a days! Kids need to know that parents are in charge of their lives until they head out on their own. They need boundaries, and if the boundaries are crossed, then there consequences. It teaches kids accountability for those actions. They may resent their parents for a little while, and when they are older, and hopefully wiser, they’ll thank their parents for life lessons learned.

  • Jina Eichel

    Hmm..What WAS going on that the daughter has been able to become a bully, and WHY? The doc got a valid point or two..The bully behavior is coming from SOMEWHERE and from my point of view(of course I do not have all the details) the way mom handled it was by public humiliation, for the whole world to see..Maybe mom wants to feel like “GOOD” parent, but to me, she came off as a bully..Maybe to show her daughter what it felt like, but sometimes a gentle word pointing out the harm the child is causing with whatever negative behavior is going on, and that child learns to empathize with others instead of ridiculing them.. I too believe in corporal punishment, but that should remain private..Why do we need to air all our dirty laundry, simply because we can???

  • Jonnie Graham

    I practiced ‘tough love’ with my daughte4r and she managed to get to adult hood without a criminal record, out of wedlock pregnancy, drug problem Or being a welfare cheat.
    In this day and age, you HAVE to set boundaries, rules and regulations and STICK with them. The ‘doctor’ I bet has no kids, cuz otherwise she would have agreed with this mother.
    I would have taken it one step further: I would have taken ALL electronics away from her for the rest of the school year, and made arrangements for her to be home schooled with pencil and paper, so she could practice her penmanship as well as her other studies.

    The problem with this type of behavior started with Facebook, because she is really TOO young to be on Facebook in the first place.

    When my daughter was younger, she did not get everything she wanted (and she was a child who was loved, provided for) she had her needs met, but she had rules to abide by. She could have Nike Air Jordan’s when SHE had a job and could work for them. She was an 18 year old when she got her first cell phone, and SHE paid for it.

    As for the mother using a public forum to ‘humiliate’ her daughter: Her behavior (the daughter’s) was warranted. I see nothing that the mother did was wrong, because if the daughter did not learn a lesson here, then maybe the next step for her would be the ‘scared straight’

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