Lawmakers debating vaccination exemption

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  • Tom Sanders

    You could have the leading experts on vaccine makers and I don’t care how convinced they are on saying these vaccines should be taken….they have no idea of all the possible things that could happen switching a molecule here or a DNA strand there…nature is too complex…and then your stupid lawmakers saying you have to take it…I can see if there is some major outbreak of something and they have something for that but not these generic small time problems like colds or flu….the consumer should have the choice. Bottom line your lawmakers shouldn’t mandate you take a vaccine because some mad scientist somewhere is convinced you should.

  • Fast45

    Tom … You are one of those, who “have no idea of all the possible things” etc, etc. Except in your fictional library bookshelf, there are no “mad scientists” … Okay, so the quacks against vaccines that continue to prey upon the misinformed and illiterate may indeed be called mad scientists. Try to make it through even a couple university-level classes in immunology and biochemistry. You will actually KNOW something, instead of simply believing.

    Somebody’s “beliefs” about a well established health issue should not endanger the general population, regardless of how fervently they believe.

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