Group: ‘It is inexcusable’ legislator left loaded gun at capitol

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Rep. Jared Wright, R-Fruita, at the Capitol.

DENVER — A gun control group said Thursday that it is “inexcusable” that a state legislator left a loaded gun in a bag at a committee hearing at the Colorado state capitol.

Republican state Rep. Jared Wright of Fruita left the gun behind in his bag after a Feb. 6 committee debate on concealed handgun permits, reported the Denver Post.

Wright told the newspaper that he often carries a concealed gun at the capitol and that he’s allowed to do so as a peace officer. Wright served in the Fruita Police Department from 2007 to 2011.

State law prohibits guns at the capitol “without legal authority.”

The group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense criticized Wright saying “It is inexcusable.”

“The sad irony here is that Rep. Wright sponsored legislation to expand concealed carry rights to gun owners without permits.  We shudder to think of this reality as we see the example of ‘responsible gun ownership’ that Rep Wright has displayed,” said State Leader Jennifer Hope in a statement.

“Rep. Wright claims he carries his weapon because it is his ‘duty to be a first responder.’ To that we ask, how can someone respond to an emergency situation when they can’t even locate their weapon? The sad irony here is that Rep. Wright sponsored legislation to expand concealed carry rights to gun owners without permits.  We shudder to think of this reality as we see the example of ‘responsible gun ownership’ that Rep Wright has displayed.”

Wright told the Denver Post that he spoke with Gov. John Hickenlooper about the incident and agreed not to carry the gun inside the capitol anymore.

Last year the Durango Herald wrote about legislators carrying guns at the capitol as “something that legislators know about but rarely talk about.”



      • Robert Winn

        Seriously? So what, did the gun hurt anyone? Did it jump up and go off expectantly? No it did not. It was stored in his personal property. Property which belonged to him and anyone that would mess with it or obtain it would be guilty of several crimes.

        Ultimately you gun-a-phobes need to grow up and get a life. You reaction is the very reason we should allow more carry, guns are not evil. People are evil, and while you choose to be unarmed against evil, he and many others are taking the steps to be prepared in the face of such evil.

        Not long ago before you liberal dimwits dumbed down our society it was common to see guns in truck, on the hip etc. Get over it, you want kids to be safe around guns then teach them about guns. Kind of like if you do not want your 12 years old to get pregnant teach them about it, do not hide it from view and act like it is something evil.

  • Robert Winn

    Why is this news? Scrapping the bottom of the barrel again Eli? the real news here should be the shock and amazement to the liberals that a gun sat all alone in a place and did not kill anyone. It is amazing for them to believe, but guns just do not go off killing people. Why is this even news?

    In other news my truck stayed park the whole time i left it. My coffee sat on my desk all day, my coat hung on the coat rack, my hammer sat in my tool box, my dog stayred in my yard, HIS gun stayed in HIS bag

  • D.R. Commish

    The real concern here…. Even though “the gun” was hidden in his bag, and left, apparently in the Senate Chambers (where I assume kids are not allowed to run loose and look into other peoples bags)… DEMOCRATS knew it was there, and, judging by the history of most of the mass shootings in this world…. they are NOT to be trusted around firearms.

  • Dan Johnson

    The person that found the gun should have called Mr Wright and told him “I have your gun”. But hell no. Lets make a mountain out of a mole hill. Pathetic……………..

  • Tom Sanders

    I can agree that this particular individual in what he did was stupid and to agree to let people carry concealed weapons without permits I don’t agree with… but to hear the extremists rants of Jennifer Hopes..( One click away from strapping a bomb on her chest, looney toon feminist Nazi) head of a racist extremists gun hate group would have you believe that this one nut and his action and views represents all gun owners just to push her extremist violate your rights agenda…and notice how just her opinion is posted in this article by your corrupt liberal pushing FOX 31 NEWS…no counter argument.

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