Colorado legislators consider bill to raise age for buying cigarettes

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DENVER -- If your child is smoking he or she likely got the cigarettes from an older friend or sibling. That's why Colorado lawmakers want to raise the legal age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21.

Many kids in Colorado start smoking in middle and high school because they have easy access to cigarettes.

The American Lung Association testified at a hearing Thursday that young people in Colorado start smoking at an average of age 12.

"Mostly what the bill will do is it will take cigarettes out of high schools ... if you have to be 21 you don't have a lot of 21-year-olds that are still in high school," says bill sponsor Cheri Gerou.

Under the new law, first time offenders would face a fine of $100 or they could pay off the fine through community service and tobacco education classes.

Businesses caught selling to those under 21 would face a $1,500 fine and possibly lose their license.

Convenience stores are lobbying against the bill. They say it will cut deeply into their profits.

The new law would not impact people who are already 18 and can legally buy tobacco products.

The bill is expected to make it to the full House for a vote.



  • Dan Chavez

    The law makers will, no matter what, justify their positions in office. Which Democrat (Just a guess) sponsored this bill? There are just not enough laws to protect us from ourselves. Right?

  • D.R. Commish

    So rather than enforce existing law…. Our beloved leaders attempt to “fix” a concern with still more laws?

    I suppose this “activity” makes them FEEL like their doing something… while not doing anything at all.

    A lesson they’ve obviously learned from the Federal Government?

  • Aimee Rogers

    Sure go ahead. And also raise the legal age of marrying to 21. And the legal age to join military to 21. I mean, these 18 year olds cant be trusted right? WAIT! Lets go ahead and just make the legal age of anything 30. This way the government can look out for our kids as long as possible.

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