Study raises concern about ‘third-hand smoke’ from E-Cigarettes

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DENVER -- New research may have E-Cigarette users think twice about using the devices.

A study by researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute shows the vapors from electronic cigarettes leave behind a potentially toxic residue known as "third-hand smoke."

The residue -- which also occurs in regular cigarette smoke -- clings to clothing, furniture and walls, and it's nearly impossible to get rid of.

Doctors say more research is needed to fully understand exactly how E-Cigarettes affect the body.

"I can't go and tell you it's as dangerous as a cigarette -- we don't know that, it may be less dangerous but how less dangerous? It's unclear," says Dr. David Beuther, pulmonologist at National Jewish Health in Denver. "It's the devil you know vs. the devil you don't know."

Doctors say the only way you can completely avoid any third-hand smoke is simply to not smoke at all.



  • Anonymous Coward

    Great. you take a very questionable non-peer reviewed study from an anti-smoking zealot with a fax machine and you pass it off as valid news. Good job you jschool graduates you.

  • Shane Thomas

    How about you show reports from actual studies done that show that e-cigs are not nearly as harmful and are actually pretty safe… How about you use some of the studies that Bryan Daly actually cited in his interview. There are more studies showing that electronic cigarettes are safer than there are studies showing that they are harmful. Try doing some real research and reporting on that rather than feeding to the fear mongering.

  • Sam Montana (@Montana410)

    This is really getting ridiculous. A study that only studies three brands of e-cigarettes out of a hundred. Like the channel 9 report, eCig brands from China that I never heard of, and I researched eCigs a great deal. There are more harmful chemicals in processed foods than there is in an eCig, report that one time.

    First they scream about smoke, now that there is a product that contains no tobacco and no smoke, they scramble to find something wrong with that. It is time that the do-gooders who are always looking to find fault with something they don’t agree with to get off everyone’s back!

    • theobelk

      Um, because it’s not the same as smoking? I admit that KDVR’s report tried it’s best to link smoke and vapor, but it’s not the same thing at all. But to answer your question, yes, at least one person I know of has become dumb.

  • theobelk

    Some people just can’t stand it that former smokers are avoiding their richly-deserved punishment for using nicotine. We’re supposed to quit cold turkey and suffer from the craving that never goes away or continue smoking and pay huge taxes before we die of the consequences.

    Instead, we found a harmless alternative and that really gets some people’s panties in a twist. The opponents must find a way to stop people from enjoying a product that causes no problems yet looks similar to cigarettes.

    This report was even more irresponsible and ignorant than channel 9’s report a few days ago. Third-hand residue? Seriously? It’s water vapor that has about as much nicotine left in it as the steam coming off a pot of spaghetti sauce.

    Then you have some pointy-headed doctor tell us with a straight face that nicotine causes cancer and asthma? Boris, you didn’t edit that video out of sequence a bit, did you? What Dr. Killjoy said sounds a lot like what cigarette smoke might do, but but not e-cigs or the nicotine found in their vapor.

    Your report is total rubbish. Why don’t you, KDVR and Boris Sanchez, take your sham concern about harmless amounts of microscopic residue and apply them to the effect of marijuana usage? Oh yeah, that’s because if you blaze up a fat doobie around here you’re a hero exercising your personal right to life, liberty and happiness. But if you like to use nicotine in a harmless way, you’re a pariah.

  • Uma Kirk

    Goodness! If “traces” of nicotine are oh so dangerous, then why isn’t there an all points bulletin siren alert for steaming vegetables, slicing vegetables, growing vegetables, eating vegetables? Cauliflower, eggplant, brocali, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, etc all provide nicotine. Our bodies need nicotine, just as our nicotine receptors.
    This news cast is such hogwash, so is the Roswell “study”. Nicotine is NOT carcenogentic, smoking smokes is. Google the benefits of nicotine. Google the nicotrol inhaler. For Pete’s sakes, stop trying to kill people by keeping them smoking smokes just for the love of tax money. Btw, even SHS isn’t deadly, and was tossed out of court in 1998 by Judge Osteen.

  • Uma Kirk

    Researching discloses that MLG, the researcher of this third hand vapor study, failed to disclose his conflict of interest &/or grants and other monies received from the pharmecuetical industries.
    Here’s one such study, previous to this one, that lists pfizer as one of his supporters.
    I’m sure there are others. I’m not the investigative reporter, however, like this reputable paper is.

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