DA’s office explains decision not to prosecute deputy in excessive force case

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DENVER -- A Denver Sheriff's deputy is accused of excessive force after a surveillance courtroom camera videotaped him slamming a shackled inmate into a wall.

After a year-long investigation, he was suspended for 30 days. The Denver District Attorney's Office declined to prosecute the deputy for his actions.

The deputy is appealing his suspension. His appeal will be heard February 20.

Friday, a spokeswoman defended that decision saying some things that would appear to possibly be crimes if they occurred on the street, are not necessarily crimes in a courtroom setting when security and safety are involved.

FOX31 Denver's Justin Joseph has more information in his video report.



  • Emily D

    That is ridiculous (given that Fox has provided all information, which I know is not typical. But, if it is…). Courtrooms don’t have the same basic laws? How does that make sense? The dude was assaulted while he was defenseless. Screw internal affairs, maybe that guy should just press charges.

  • John Gehrke

    The Denver DA apparently is bullied by the police department also – the video is so clear how could they not have any confidence in their abilities to take any action? Shame on the hostile law enforcement officer that used excessive force right in front of a judge and camera.

  • Fast45

    Small wonder here … the DA office uses the Gang-in-Blue as enforcers. Beating up citizens for no reason? … lying and perjury under oath? … falsifying reports and misleading the public? … These are all examples of “business as usual” in their eyes. Nobody would even dream of prosecuting this guy.

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