Caught on video: Denver deputy slams shackled inmate into courtroom wall

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DENVER -- A Denver sheriff's deputy is appealing a 30-day suspension he was given after he slammed a handcuffed inmate into a wall during a hearing before a judge in 2012.

Anthony Waller was handcuffed when he appeared before a judge to face domestic violence charges on Sept. 11, 2012.

The hearing was recorded by surveillance cameras and posted online by the Colorado Independent.

In the video, Waller can be heard asking the judge, "The investigation should come first and then the arrest?”

He then looks back and that's when Deputy Brad Lovingier grabbed Waller by the waist and slammed him head first into a wall.

Waller fell to his knees after the impact and is then dragged out of the courtroom and into a holding cell.

In the video Lovingier can be heard saying "You don't turn on me," as the only explanation for his actions.

Waller's attorney confirmed the video Thursday.

The judge, Doris Burd, promptly filed an internal affairs complaint with the Denver County Sheriff, but the Denver District Attorney's office declined to prosecute the deputy.

According to Lovingier's disciplinary case file, a witness called Lovingier's actions "a little excessive." Burd described the use of force as "heavy duty."

The internal affairs investigation lasted more than a year with the division eventually finding that Lovingier violated several department regulations involving use of force.  He received a 30-day suspension.

According to the disciplinary order, Lovingier said he used the force because Waller was being aggressive and refused to follow orders. The video appears to contradict that as Waller does not appear to verbally or physically threaten the deputy.

Lovingier is a 12-year veteran of the department and is the son of former Sheriff William Lovingier.

He has appealed the 30-day suspension and the hearing is set for Feb. 20.

FOX31 Denver asked criminal justice professor Joseph Sandoval to review the video. He calls the deputy's actions excessive and criminal.

“If that had been on the man on street that would have been a crime,” Sandoval said.

Waller does have a lengthily and violent criminal history.

The Manager's of Safety's Office declined to comment on the case.

The incident is the latest embarrassment for the Denver Sheriff's Office. Last year a sheriff's deputy helped a convicted felon escape from jail and the the city's independent monitor found that the department failed to investigate dozens of serious allegations of deputy misconduct.



  • Name Not Given

    He needs to be fired. As a former Police Officer, I can tell you that there is a thing called ” Contempt of cop” its when a cops gets mad, when a suspect disagrees with him or her.

    This Officer needs to be fired, prosecuted, and sued. He obviously violated the constitutional rights of the inmate. The Sheriff needs to be relieved of his position for keeping an officer who disregards the constitution and civil rights.

    America is literally sick of thugs in our police department. They sometimes are worse than the thugs on the street.

  • Kae Mechiso

    The same action got a federal prison officer three years in federal prison for assaulting a restrained inmate. several years ago. There is no excuse for this lack of professionalism and misconduct.

  • Fast45

    Just ANOTHER common story about the Gang-in-Blue beating citizens up. No big deal, right? ‘Happens ALL the time … Abbie Hoffman was right about one thing: Cops are pigs.

  • Richard Baumeister

    I would need more information before condemning the officer such as was he threatened? what did he mean “you don’t turn on me”? Certainly he used force to stop whatever threat he perceived which is ok in certain circumstances . It appears he used force with no reason but we need to be sure.

  • timbo125

    I would still like to believe that most LEO are professionals. However this filthy animal obviously is not and behaves in a worse manner than many “criminals.” Should be fired plain and simple. And then prosecuted. Completely unacceptable. Obviously can’t handle power and authority that goes with his position….and then knowing a camera is present on top of that?

  • Juan N Terrie Barraza

    Had the judge not ordered an investigation, we would not be seeing this on the news. I am grateful that the judge upheld what she represents: true justice. However, for this one incident that we see and that sickens us to the core, there are many more that are not reported because after all, “Who are they going to believe?”
    For you officers that have ever made the above statement (and you know who you are) you are the bottom-eaters in this cesspool that we claim is Justice and you are the scum that have polluted the crystal clean and clear waters of truth.
    For you law enforcement officers that uphold the law and respect the position you are in: Thank you for your loyalty. You have the hardest job in the world because you not only represent the growing minority of officers with integrity; but your uniform represents the low-life officers that operate with impunity and believe they are above the law.

  • pepsifan70

    Well, that deputy won’t get in any trouble. His dad was the under sheriff (chief) of the department for several years. Unfortunately, nepotism runs rampant in the denver city government. It’s all about who you’re related to!!!

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