4 teen suicides in 11 days in Douglas County force officials into action

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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. -- A Douglas County teen committed suicide Tuesday night, the fourth teen to do so in 11 days in the county.

School officials and experts are explaining what they are seeing, and what parents can do to help prevent suicides.

In fact Douglas County School District sent a letter home to parents of students about the topic. Read it here.

Coroner Lora Thomas says there is no connection between the cases, except that each is heartbreaking.

She's reviewed hundreds of such cases in her law enforcement career and says almost always there are underlying mental health issues.

People like Dale Emmy with the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention program says parents should talk to their kids of they see a sudden, dramatic change in typical behavior or if the teen is talking about suicide or death.

He says parents cannot be afraid to bring up the subject no matter how unpleasant and difficult it is to do.

Resources for teens struggling with suicidal thoughts



  • Tammy Sanchez

    A Kennedy Freshman hung him self last week and his brother killed himself a week before why is this not getting out in Denver schools the brother just graduated last year he ended his life then the younger one a week after.all i say pray gey this out

  • Jay R. Wren

    I hope someone looks into these teenagers and what kind of “anti-depressants” they were on. My 16 year old daughter committed suicide after we sought help for her. They prescribed two anti-depressants including Abilify. Less than a month of being on them, she hung herself. This is a spiritual battle battle people!

    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12

  • Carol Chant Biehner

    Prayers sent for friends and family of these children. I can’t begin to understand what might have caused this sudden increase of teen suicide. I hope and pray that there is some good support for those suffering from this devastating loss, and also for those who are having thoughts of suicide.

  • John Gehrke

    As a parent of kids and a friend of one who killed himself in high school, I encourage parents to observe what friends your children have, and what activities they pursue. Talk often, and provide support by perhaps vacations, offering therapies or family counseling – I suspect peer acceptance / low self esteem and depression as just a few of a deep hard issue.

  • Abby Sickinger

    I am a student at Douglas County High school. Three of the suicides were from my school and one from our “rivaling” school. I knew two of the kids that took their lives. I don’t think there was any ONE reason they took their lives. There were multiple things that contributed to it. No one can even say they know why these teens killed themselves, and if they do say so, they are stupid. Killing yourself isn’t something that ANYONE should think they have to do to get away from the pain they are feeling. God can’t make someone stop thinking that, who is so far gone to even start with. Maybe god can help but religion won’t solve the whole problem. What we need to do is have other teens talk to these teens who believe suicide is the answer. Just having an adult talk to you doesn’t help. Trust me, I know. Having another person your age that has either gone through it or seen someone go through it will help even more. I am so sorry for any loss that anyone has faced in the past couple weeks because of these suicides, and to all the teens that think killing yourself is the answer, think of who you are hurting in the process. Put yourself aside for the moment and think of who will be grieving for your death. One of my friends was the girlfriend to the teen who killed himself on Tuesday and she is so broken. I feel bad for her and I don’t know how to help her. So talk to your kid, or talk to your friend about suicide and help them through any problems they are facing.

  • Barbara Spi

    This news story misses the most important part, as listed in the letter sent to the kids…. Safe2 tell, for the kids. Unfortunately, kids don’t talk to parents, and sadly, parents don’t probe far enough on the kid’s answer of “fine”. Safe2 tell allows the kids to tell on their friends to get them help, anonymously.

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