Voters split on whether legalized pot is hurting state’s image

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DENVER — Voters of different backgrounds disagree about whether the legalization of recreational marijuana is good or bad for Colorado’s image, according to a Quinnipiac University poll of 1,139 people released Monday.

As one might expect, there is a political divide in the numbers. Seventy-three percent of Republicans say legalization is bad for the state’s reputation, while Democrats say it is favorable by a margin of 57-30 percent. About 56 percent of independents said pot was hurting the state’s image.

In total, 51 percent of respondents said they thought pot was hurting the state’s image.

Age is an important factor. Fifty-seven percent of voters age 29 or younger say legalization is a positive, while 67 percent of those older than 65 say it’s a negative.

Just over half (51 percent) of respondents said they have used pot, but only 10 percent said they’ve tried it since it became legal. Older voters were increasingly less likely to say they have ever tried the drug.

Some surprises: 73 percent of people say it would be OK if a neighbor wanted to grow pot for personal use; and more than half (53 percent) of people approve of the way Gov. John Hickenlooper has handled the issue.

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  • doseckys

    And your comment just shows how ignorant “the greatest generation” is. You people don’t look at the facts you’re just stuck in your old ways and that’s fine but don’t judge us for doing something we enjoy. I can go on about all the great things cannabis does but it would just go in one ear and out the other so why bother. I enjoy cannabis because I feel motivated to work out, clean my house, my truck, shovel snow, and the list goes on. I also love it because I can actually sleep through the night and feel refreshed when I wake up, I can feel relaxed after a hard days work on the jobsite. No I’m not a cancer patient, I don’t have AIDS/HIV, I don’t have Alzheimer’s but why do I need to be dying or sick to be accepted for smoking? All I can say is wake up and smell the buds because they’re not goin anywhere and I’ll be smokin and enjoying that sweet tastin amazing smellin flower till the day I die.

  • D.R. Commish

    “Doseckys”… And your response simply affirms “Cods” observation…. Lets look at the question again…”Is recreational marijuana good for Colorado’s reputation? Despite the “enjoyment” and apparent “buzz” that you receive… it clearly has affected Colorado’s reputation, and not in a good way.
    Perhaps, one day, you’ll come to understand that there are consequences to hedonistic and self-destructive behavior…. AND that you’ll, eventually, appreciate what “The Greatest Generation” has actually given you.

    Hurry though…. I’d like to see you recognize this…. before “the day you die”.

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