USS Denver, second-oldest active Navy ship, to be decommissioned this year

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An SH-60 Seahawk flies alongside the amphibious transport dock ship USS Denver in the Pacific. (Credit: U.S. Navy via Wikipedia Commons)

DENVER — The USS Denver, the Navy’s second-oldest active ship, will be decommissioned later this year, the military said Monday.

USS Denver, an amphibious transport dock ship, will sail for Pearl Harbor this summer, ending its active service. The USS Green Bay, a San-Antonio class amphibious ship commissioned in 2009, will replace Denver in February of 2015, Stars and Stripes reported.

The Austin-class USS Denver, the third ship to bear that name, had its keel laid in Seattle in 1964, according to Stars and Stripes. Only the wood-hulled USS Constitution, launched in 1797, is older among active ships.

Green Bay’s upgrades over Denver include its command-and-control suite, as well as increased lift and carrying capability via landing craft and the Marine Corps’ Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, Navy officials said.