Document: Evan Ebel forced victim to record rambling statement before death

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DENVER — Evan Ebel, the parolee believed to have killed former Colorado Department of Corrections head Tom Clements last year, apparently forced one of his other victims to record a statement before killing him as well.

In a sentencing memorandum related to the case against Stevie Vigil, prosecutors revealed part of a statement recorded by pizza delivery driver Nathan Leon shortly before he died. Police believe Ebel killed Leon and later wore his delivery uniform during the attack on Clements.

Vigil, 22, is accused of providing Ebel with an illegal firearm.

“For 20 years, we’ve been subject to your faddism not witness ours,” Leon says, according to court documents. “You didn’t give two (expletive) about us or our families and you ensured that we were locked behind a door,to disrespect us at every opportunity. So why should we care about you and yours? In short, you treated us inhumanely, and so we simply seek to do the same. We take comfort in the knowledge that we leave your wives without husbands, and your children fatherless. You wanted to play the mad scientist, well they will be your Frankenstein.”

The statement seems to lend credence to theories that Ebel’s crime spree was partially motivated by his experiences with solitary confinement in prison.

After the killings in Colorado, Ebel fled to Texas, where he engaged in a running gun battle with police before he was eventually shot to death.


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