Disabled mom who is medical marijuana patient fights to keep her home

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DENVER -- A young mother is relieved to know she can stay in her home, after her use of medical marijuana almost led to an eviction for her and a her little boy.

The woman became a quadriplegic after she was hit by a drunk driver.

She says medical marijuana helps her cope with some of the pain she faces.

The issue came up because she lives in federally funded housing, and marijuana is still illegal on the federal level.

She has won the first battle and can stay in her home. Her actions could affect future court cases for other people.

Dave Young has more information in his video report.



  • charles osborne

    she may have won that round but under Colorado Law, but she need to watch out if she is lighting up and using her medical marijuana with her child present. Colorado statues Protecting At risk Children and Adults is pretty cut and dried, if you use in front of a child, or At risk person / Intellectually disabled, You can be charged with Child endangerment, and Criminal negligence which under Colorado procedural law take’s away 100% of your Constitutional rights away. Under criminal court proceedings Charges of Child endangerment and Criminal negligence / which is under Colorado statues Covering At risk Persons, you are allowed only trial by Judge, not by Jury. You also loose your right to a speedy trial and the penalty phase if found guilty by the Judge . the penalties are doubled. If the maximum sentence is 5 yrs under the Criminal procedures protecting at Risk persons, it doubles to 10 yrs. if the maximum fine is $100,000 it doubles to $200,000. This is the way Colorado law is structured and I hope she never gets charged but by bringing this issue to the news media and public, She just brought all Law Enforcement and Child protective services eyes upon her, and if they suspect she is smoking it in front of her child, even if a teacher smells it on his clothing, the way the law is written and turns her in, and the Child protective services comes and smells it on his clothes, by Colorado Statue this give them probable cause for an arrest. This the cold hard reality of Colorado law, but that will be the brakes…

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