Watch video: 10-year-old girl crashes SUV into DMV office

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PARKER, Colo. --Officials released surveillance video Wednesday of an SUV crashing through the front of a Division of Motor Vehicles office in Parker Monday.

In the video, you can clearly see the SUV careening into the office, and people waiting in chairs scrambling to get out of the way.

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A 10-year-old girl was charged with careless driving Monday. She was behind the wheel of her mom’s SUV and drove right through a window and into the Division of Motor Vehicles office in Parker.

“Right there where it went through, basically there are rows of seating. It could have been a lot worse,” said Wes Carpenter. He works next door to the DMV and heard all the commotion.

There was only a handful of people inside the DMV when the SUV came barreling through Monday afternoon.

Natriece Bryant, a spokesperson for the DMV said, “It scared everybody, they heard a large boom then all of a sudden they saw an SUV in the front part of the waiting area.”

Carpenter said, “I was in the back, working and it was a little after noon, I think. I heard just glass. It wasn’t a big explosion, it was just glass falling. It almost sounded like several pictures all fell at the same time.”

Parker Police say two girls, ages 10 and 12, were inside the vehicle. Their mom came into the DMV, left the keys in the car, and somehow the 10-year-old slipped behind the wheel and shifted the car into drive.

Carpenter said he went outside after he heard the glass. “I definitely saw the mom, you know, and the girls, he said. “She was talking sternly to them.”

Parker Police say the mom won’t be charged because her initial statement was that she turned off the vehicle before she went into the DMV. The vehicle is registered to Kristine Achziger.

Police also say the girl will likely face some community service.

The DMV closed for the rest of the day Monday, but it will open Tuesday morning for normal business at 8 a.m. Officials say the building is structurally sound and safe.



  • Vincent Wolf

    It’s illegal in most communities to ticket a child under 16. Boulder outlawed that decades ago when a rich person’s son was ticketed at age 13 or so and fought it in court to change the law. It’s outrageous a child of 10 who has no ability to know about auto’s or what their doing is wrong. And it’s likewise wrong of a community to try to punish the child when educating them is the more appropriate path. Stupid county.

  • Phx AZ

    Well, somebody has to be responsible for this mishap; to me, the mother is responsible, the girls should’ve gone inside the DMV building with her.
    She could be charged with at least child endangerment, and let’s not forget that parents are responsible for the damage their minor kids make to others; so she should also pay the damage done to the DMV building.

    • Common Cents

      They were 10 and 12 so they aren’t babies.
      At 12, you can leave the child at home by themselves for a limited time.
      They were probably listening to the radio and little Missy did something childlike.
      The ticket is more of a scare tactic and she will most likely get a good talking to not only by mom but a judge too.

  • Lisa Beatty

    You all are acting like these children dont know how a car works. C’mon. This is 2014… They know.

    Community service will be good for her.. Scare her straight to not get behind a wheel until she has a license.

    My parents would always leave the keys in the car when they ran into the store to get something or run an errand so i could listen to music since this was before kids having a cell phone or I-pod device.

    Clearly this child lacks any common sense.

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