Tech Review: MeCam – a camera you can wear

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These days, every single thing we do seems to be caught on camera.  If you don’t have a picture or video of it, did it really happen?  Sure, it’s annoying at times but it’s also fun to be able to save so many memories of our lives, kids and families.  The newest trend is  wearable cameras.  MeCam is an inexpensive wearable camera.

MeCam wearable camera

MeCam wearable camera


MeCam is about the size of a half dollar (for those of you who remember what real money looks like.)  It’s about ¾” thick.  It's small enough to throw in your pocket and take it with you.  On the front you’ll see a 7 little holes. One is the camera, the other 6 are the IR lights for shooting in the dark.  On the side there are 3 buttons and a memory card slot (MicroSD card is included with the camera.)  On the back there is a

MeCam Safety pin on back

MeCam Safety pin on back

safety pin to attach the MeCam to a shirt or jacket.  That’s it.  Simple is key word here.  In fact, the MeCam doesn’t even look like a camera.

Using MeCam

When it comes to using the MeCam, simplicity is also the key.  Hold down the power button until the LED light on the top starts blinking.  Next, hit the video

MeCam Buttons

MeCam Buttons

record button or the picture button and you’re in business.  If video is recording the red light will blink.  When snapping a picture you’ll get a quick blink to know that the picture was taken.  Hold down the photo/IR button for 3 seconds to turn on the IR lights for shooting video or pictures in the dark.  That’s it, there are no video settings or photo settings.  Easy peasy.

MeCam SD card slot

MeCam SD card slot


In my tests the quality is OK.  Video shoots at 720p but it looked a big grainy.  I was able to get the best quality in daytime outdoor light.  The IR night mode is a cool feature but don’t expect it to light up an entire room.  You’ll see about  5 feet - 10 feet in front of the camera.  Pictures are taken at 5 Megapixels but again, quality isn’t amazing.  Good enough to grab fun photos for sharing but nothing you'd want to print out as an 8"x10" photo.

Build quality

The MeCam is plastic.  It feels solid but it’s not a GoPro.  From what I can tell it’ll be fine in normal use but don’t expect it to be an outdoor adventure cam.  In my testing I accidentally dropped it onto a hard floor from about 3-4 feet.  It seemed to dislodge the buttons a bit. I unscrewed the back and realigned the insides and everything was fine when I put it back together.


For $50 the MeCam is a fun, novel wearable camera that will have people asking questions and help you grab some memorable videos and photos.  It’s not about quality, it’s about capturing cool moments in life.  The MeCam nails it on that.  If you’re looking for an uber-rugged adventure cam, keep shopping.  If you’re looking for a fun way to take super cool pictures and videos with your friends and family, the MeCam is a good choice.

MeCam is available in 5 colors and starts at $49.99 with a 4GB MicroSD card included.  MeCam is available through



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