College campus offers emergency protection app free to students

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DENVER -- Students at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver have long had the blue emergency call buttons that mark most college campuses, but that doesn't mean students feel safer.

"I'll end up staying until 8:30-9:00 so it's pitch black. It's actually pretty scary," said Kelsa Burns, a freshman at RMCAD.

That’s why Burns is happy to hear her college is providing an app called LifeLine Response to students free of charge.

"I'm sure a lot of students will use it if they really feel unsafe,” Burns said. “I'll probably use it."

Fox31 Denver’s Kent Erdahl shows how the app works and explains why you don’t have to be a student to get it on your phone in his video report above.

Click here for more information on the LifeLine Response app.



  • Justin Jiron

    Wow.. Techno-liberals just get dumber and dumber.. A 20 second countdown to a dinky siren? What ever happened to yelling for help? Not to mention after your 20 seconds of eternity, you still have a 10 minute response time from the police.. Yep, MUCH better than allowing students to concealed carry.. SO glad these pacifist liberal arts majors are protected now by their iPhones…. lol

  • John Oravez

    Good thing it asks for a PIN number to disarm it… And here I figured the bad guys would just grab the phone from the student and turn it off…. Or do we have a law that says you cant turn off someone’s phone? That would stop them for sure…. I also like how it lets friends and family know your being raped and killed in real time.. Never before could we tweet our demise as it is happening!

  • juliabrown (@juliabr81623660)

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