Video: Train derails in Sedalia with 17 cars off tracks

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SEDALIA, Colo. -- A train derailed in the small town of Sedalia, near Castle Rock, Thursday afternoon.

Officials say that 17 cars were off the tracks. The derailment happened near the intersection of Santa Fe Drive and Manhart Street.

Watch the video above, you'll see a set of train wheels come rolling down the street and narrowly miss a pump at a gas station.

Crews braved the bitter cold Thursday night and worked around the clock to clean up the giant mess.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said in a tweet that Manhart (also called Highway 67) is closed at Santa Fe. It's the main road into town and residents are forced to find other ways to get around. The road may not reopen until Saturday.

No injuries or spills have were reported from the derailment. Deputies tweeted that the train cars that derailed were upright and empty.