Thieves in Denver get caught after committing epic blunder

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DENVER -- This may seem unbelievable, but a group of Denver thieves got caught because they tried to sell stolen items to  the woman they had just taken them from.

It's a blunder of epic proportions that led the suspects right to jail.

The woman found it hard to believe when she came face-to-face with the burglars that broke into her house and took her son's birthday and Christmas presents.

Ten-year-old Xavier Toole might not have his Play Station video game system back had it not been for sheer coincidence and a few dumb crooks.

When his mom got home Friday, January 31, she immediately knew something was wrong. "I walked in and seen my kitchen window was busted. The kitchen window was busted out, I walked back out immediately," says Lacinda Robinson.

She called 911 and the dispatcher told her to come to a McDonald's near Colfax and Osage.

"I pulled into the McDonald's parking lot, two young guys approach my car and ask if I wanted to buy a PS3. I said, 'Oh no that's OK' thinking nothing of it. The third one walked out of the McDonald's. I noticed he was wearing a jacket that belongs to me."

Lacinda left that parking lot and went next door to a gas station where she found two off-duty police officers. She told them what just happened.

"They got 'em and waited until the officers got there and arrested them."

Denver Police arrested four teenagers. But they didn't recover all of the stolen items.

"They took my tablet, my phone, my Xbox 360 and games from that," Xavier says.

Lacinda was shocked that the burglars would stay in her neighborhood and try to sell her stuff back to her.

"I was pretty happy, I mean I kind of thought it was funny like these guys are going to be on 'World's Dumbest Criminals.' I mean you gonna' steal something and then wear it, that is crazy in the same area."

She says she was scared during the ordeal but somehow managed to stay calm. She's just glad she happened to be in the right place at the right time.

"I am just thankful. Hopefully they got the message and won't do it again," she says.

Investigators say the four defendants are all 17 years old or younger. They're being charged as juveniles with second degree burglary, a felony.



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