Denver school evacuated after detecting unknown odor

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DENVER -- A northeast Denver school was evacuated Wednesday afternoon after an unknown odor was detected inside the school.

Denver Fire responded to Pitt Waller K-8 School at 21601 E. 51st Pl. after receiving reports about an unknown odor inside the school, according to Denver Public School.

Students were held in school buses to stay warm, while Denver Fire investigated, said DPS.

DPS also confirmed some students were being treated at the school after saying they felt sick, but none were taken to the hospital.

FOX31 Denver's Mark Meredith was on scene.

He reported that the Green Valley Ranch school was closed for the day, and students were being relocated to Evie Dennis campus for release.

Denver Fire determined the odor to be non-toxic and not dangerous, but were not exactly sure what was causing the odor.

This story will continue to be updated as more information is received.



  • Yuana Butler

    Your story is not correct, I have 4 children that go to that school. And they were NOT held on school buses to keep warm while the fire department investigated. My oldest child was held outside for 30 mins in the cold, not allowed to go back in and get his coat…then they were allowed to go back inside and sit in the gym until school buses came to evacuate the students! This mysterious odor was detected around 1 this afternoon and I was not notified by the school until 319pm!!! If it were not for my oldest child letting me know an hour and 15 mins after the staff knew about this mysterious odor I wouldn’t have known at all until 4 mins. after the school let out!!! I am not happy with the way the administrative staff handled this situation at all!!!

  • Maggie Haynes

    My daughter goes to this school. I didn’t know they have been evacuated until I got to her school to pick her up, and then I had to go to the other school and wait in line for over an hour to get her. There were many very upset parents because none of us had gotten a call and none of us knew what was going on with our children. I think that the school did not do a very good job and keeping parents informed. Luckily the kids where alright but what if there had been something serious? It’s just scary to think the schools not very on it when it comes to notifying us about her children.

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