Video: Languages rejected from Coke’s Super Bowl ‘America’ ad

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Coca Cola’s Super Bowl commercial showing a rendering of the song America the Beautiful sung in different languages angered some conservatives.

The song sparked an uproar on Twitter with comments including:

@BudLightBro: “Not a fan of the CocaCola commercial. America The Beautiful should not be sang in any other language other than English. Sorry not sorry.”

@janicehr55: “I am truly disappointed in @Coca Cola for the offensive #SpeakAmerican commercial last night. Speak English!”

How would they have felt if the commercial was sung in Klingon, or dolphin?

That’s what comedy group Garlic Jackson Comedy did with a video uploaded to YouTube Tuesday.

The video shows languages including Dothraki (from the Game of Thrones series), hieroglyphics, sign language and Morse code.


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  • Tom Sanders

    Coke like a lot of big companies will sell your unique American history out in the name of Political Correctness..”we don’t want to offend anyone” nonsense ..but the real reason is they think they can “CON” you into thinking they actually care about everyone’s feelings they will get more sales…this is how they think…basically sacrificing all pride for profits….DON”T BUY ANY COKE PRODUCTS. Do you “the sucker” actually believe some CEO maggot at Coke cares about your feelings…you’re such jackasses and suckers.

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