Hostage released after 18-hour standoff in Arvada; Suspect killed

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ARVADA, Colo. — A 13-year-old who was taken hostage by a convicted criminal Monday night and held in his home for more than 18 hours been released.

The teen was escorted by a police SWAT team from his home just after 11 a.m. in the 6100 block of Gray Street.  He was taken to an ambulance as a precaution.

The suspect in the standoff, Don Pooley, 34, was killed when police entered the home.

Pooley's sister said that he had requested breakfast Tuesday morning, and that she was on the phone with him when police delivered the food around 11 a.m.

The sister said she heard Pooley call out her name, the phone went silent and then she heard what sounded like officers taking the 13-year-old to safety.

Neighbors nearby said they heard a loud bang and saw the 13-year-old being taken from the home. Police said he was rescued by the SWAT team and was unharmed.

Arvada Police Chief Don Wick said the standoff started Monday as a report of a domestic dispute around 5:30 p.m., near 62nd Avenue and Gray.

"As police were arriving, the male fled the house, then ran into and physically entered another home," Wick said.

Wick said the hostage's mother and younger brother were just arriving at the home when "all of this unfolded, and, as a result, were not taken hostage."

However the 13-year-old was taken by Pooley, police said.

Officers swarmed the neighborhood and evacuated neighbors.

Negotiators then talked to Pooley, trying to get him to give up. During talks with negotiators, Pooley made numerous threats including saying that he was willing to kill the 13-year-old, police said.

Pooley's sister said he was holding the teen in an interior room of the home and was afraid of the police.

Pooley's sister stayed in phone contact with Pooley during the night. She said he was crying and that he "didn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison."

Pooley had been monitoring local news reports about the standoff and at one point called FOX31 Denver reporter Julie Hayden Monday night telling her about the situation.

He said he wanted police to move one mile away from the home and "give me a chance to run."

"Let me try. I just wanna run," Pooley said. "If you catch me, good. Then you caught me. If not, then sorry about your luck. Maybe another day."

Pooley had a lengthy but not violent criminal record that dates back to 1997.  He was on parole and had an active Department of Corrections warrant for parole violation.

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  • SpamFace Plant

    Thanks that the innocent kid wasn’t harmed and taxpayers were able to avoid a lengthy judicial process and costs due to the exceptional marksmanship of the SWAT sniper!

  • Sumting Wong

    Why would he opt for suicide-by-cop after speaking with Julie Hayden? Well, wouldn’t you? I mean what accent is that she has, like Chicaahgo or Farrgo, or somewhere in Minnesoooodah? How weird.

  • lacioso

    U know what is sad about america people is u r all quick to judge someone and u need to judge urself first. I grew up on 6140 gray st. Shawna and donnie lived right up the st. We grew up together. Shawna would call me in to school and pretend she was my mom so we could hang out all day. My parents would call me in as a runaway and send the cops to get me from there ok. So if u have not lived a day in a convicted felons shoe u never get to feel our pain and fears and u never will if ur a law enforcement person cause ur not innocent untill proven guilty my butt! In america its ur guilty till proven innocent. All u people who judged Donnie, his family or anyone eles that is a convict, criminal, or bad decisions maker u need to remember no one is perfect here on Gods earth and u dont know our stories, our past and u have no right to look ar us like we our some kind of monsters who dont deserve life at its best and true happiness. Well we do too! No its not right that a innocent lil boy and his family had to go through such a tragedy llike this. But who said it was right for the cops to kill a man in front of that boy after a long scared night of not knowing what was gonna happen? That was probably the scarest thing that happened the whole 18 hours. So yeah Donnie was scared cause he didnt Want to go back to prison and be alone again Like he had his whole life befor. Until u go behind them prison walls and can see and experience that life as a “convict” u will never know what goes on and who knows about it but will turn and walk way. Half of americans would not serve a min let alone a life time. To the family of the lil boy thank God he had his hands on him and he is ok. Shawna and family im sorry for ur lost of Donnie i know as well as u donnie would never hurt that boy he was misjudged in fear of what the law does to people who have a felony or criminal histroy. Sometimes we r never taught to live any other way but stuck in a addiction to numb our true pain and frears in this life. We have to servie somehow.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ What is sad is your inability to write.
      Why did Donnie set himself up to go back to prison?

      Donnie had no right to traumatize the boy like that.

      Were police to pretend that Donnie would not harm the boy even after he threatened that he would? (I believe that he would not harm the boy.)
      In his place, I would have gone back to prison and made the best of it and improved myself and gotten out as early as possible.
      Sad that Donnie chose to get himself shot so that the boy could be rescued. Now Donnie cannot improve himself.
      I choose not to harm others. It’s an easy choice.

      • Jodi Allen

        We’ll said Robert! If you’re a felon and don’t want to ever go back to prison then perhaps you should NOT create nor allow to put yourself in any situation where you know you’re going back!

  • Carl Calkins

    I’m rather proud that APD showed the restraint that they did If I heard the scanner right, They may have had an opportunity to end the situation early on when Donnie met with an officer at the door. During that exchange he asked for them to just go away and threatened to kill the dogs first then his hostage if they didn’t. According to my wife, police will give time for drug or alcohol influences to wear off in hopes of achieving a peaceful end. That technique evidently doesn’t work on a warped mind. It could not have ended any other way..

  • Frances Ruiz

    Also think of the child. He shouldn’t have to go thru life worrying about someone taking him hostage ever again. I hope for the boy, he can get help and move past this traumatic experience. My hope is for him, not someone who already chose their path of mistakes.

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