Video: Skydiver loses consciousness, survives after friends open his parachute

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WILTSHIRE, England — James Lee was seconds into his skydive with several friends when he was hit in the back of the head and lost consciousness.

He told ABC News that the last member of his group to leave the plane was a bit unstable and his leg hit Lee.

“From then, I  have no real recollection of what happened on the skydive,” Lee, 25, said.

What happened next was truly amazing.

“Two of my friends that saw what happened came down, tried to see if I was responding to basic hand signals and there was no response,” Lee said.

Two fellow skydivers, while in free-fall at over 100 mph, were able to maneuver to Lee and pull his parachute cord.

He was wearing a helmet camera at the time, which recorded the event.

Lee said as he slowly descended, he regained consciousness and was able to land safely.

He said he has no memory of the event.



    • Carlos Murillo (@switchingtime)

      Have you ever done anything involving the need for a helmet, Robert? Obviously not, because then you’d know that a helmet is, by no means, a guarantee that someone won’t get knocked out or hurt. Hence the numerous concussion in football and other sports.

      Seriously, think for just a minute before posting.

      • Robert Gift

        Sure, getting hit in your helmet by someone’s knee will knock you out.
        Dream on.
        There is a huge difference between that and an intentional football hit.
        (I have played football and ride a motorcycle.) (Never got hit hard and never crashed.)

  • Otelia Faith Robertson

    Obviously, you’re not a skydiver or involved in any sport that requires a helmet so why dont you put on a helmet and get into a car, drive up to a 100mph and open the door and jump out head first and let me know if you were conscious after impact! We fly or bodies over 100mph easily with very little effort and if someone weighing over 150lbs hits you at that speed, well you already saw what can happen. That’s whymost of us fly with aads AUTOMATIC ACTIVATION DEVICES which basically is a back up method for our parachutes to open automatically if we are knocked out or suffered a dislocation of our pulling arm. It works with the air pressure and it calculates climbing altitude and our descent and it fires our reserve parachute if we reach a certain altitude height and our speed hasn’t decreased greatly enough to land safely. One of the best things to have but it is not a requirement and not everyone chooses to use one. This jumper made have had one, but his friends most likely didn’t want to take a chance and stepped in which I commend them on! So its okay to have opinion but you should know what you are talking about first before you voice it!

  • Robert Gift

    Have known about the automatic barometric deployment devices for years. Good in case one panics and “freezes” or has a seizure or stroke or heart attack or faints.
    Both falling at 100 mph is not high closing speed. You need to learn some basic physics.
    I suspect this is FAKE.

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