Exclusive look at Super Bowl security preparations at MetLife Stadium

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NEW YORK -- Super Bowl XLVIII is expected to be the coldest outdoor game in Super Bowl history. It will also be the most secure.

In fact, a lockdown is already in place at MetLife stadium and you can't get within 300 hundred feet without the proper credentials.

This is part of plan that's been in place for more than three years.

While 80,000 fans are enjoying Super Bowl XLVIII inside Metlife stadium, thousands of police and federal agents will be watching everything but the game.  They are prepared for an exhaustive list of emergencies and worst case scenarios, including fire, shootings and terror attacks.

The New Jersey state police are in charge of Super Bowl security.  They are working with more than 100 state, local and federal agencies and facing unique challenges for this year's event.

At least 40 percent of ticket holders will ride buses and trains to the stadium.  Riders will have to be carefully screened for bombs or weapons before they board.

The stadium is located near water in the Meadowlands so police will put patrol boats in the marshes mindful they're just a few miles from New York city -- the most popular terrorist target in America.

The security web includes a temporary command post built near the stadium.  Fox News was given an exclusive tour of the facility, where officers and agents divided into subcommittees will monitor everything from road and weather conditions to radiation levels and hundreds of video feeds.

One of their big concerns isn't getting people inside the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday, it's handling a mass exodus if people decide to leave early if the weather is bad or the game is a blowout.


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  • Robert Gift

    Hope they can catch/neutralize any terrorist cowards.
    A “no-fly” zone will be established?
    We are vulnerable to such cowards in so many areas – like a car driving next to a bus and detonating a bomb.

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