Mustang Harry’s in Manhattan is home for Broncos fans in NY

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Photo courtesy: Mustang Harry's NYC

Photo courtesy: Mustang Harry's NYC

NEW YORK — In the coming days, Broncos fans will begin descending on New York City for the Super Bowl, and when they arrive there is one place where they will definitely be welcome.

Christina Allgood found that place at the beginning of the regular season.

“Big Broncos fan,” Allgood said. “Hugest Peyton Manning fan.”

It just so happened that she found fans with similar interests at Mustang Harry’s in Manhattan.

“When Peyton scores I want to high-five somebody, I want to jump up and down, I want to yell, I want to be aggressive and I certainly don’t want to be next to somebody in a Patriots jersey or a Seahawks jersey or anything like that,” Allgood said.

You don’t have to worry about that at Mustang Harry’s thanks to Mark Moran.

“(Denver) has always been a really classy organization,” Moran said.

Mark credits his brother-in-law from Colorado for turning him on to the Broncos in the 1980s.

“I’m also a Jets fan, but when you’re a Jets fan you often need another team to root for as well,” Moran said.

Moran turned to Mustang Harry’s and social media to bring Broncos fans together prior to last season.

“I knew once Peyton joined the Broncos that the fan club here would really grow,” Moran said.

They certainly did grow. The Broncos fans actually started gathering at a bar down the street called Mustang Sally’s, but after the team’s success last season, the owners decided to take the party to Mustang Harry’s to make room for all the extra fans.

“Go Broncos,” Allgood said.

Allgood is one of the newcomers.

“I do feel like, now that the Broncos have Peyton, they’re kind of America’s Team,” she said.

And when America’s Team won last weekend?

“Everybody was getting as excited as they can, while still holding their breath,” Moran said.

“Emotions were running so high, I’m pretty sure I was near tears,” Allgood said. “It was that kind of euphoria.”

This week they want to share that feeling with Broncos fans across the country.

“Get on a plane and come here,” Moran said. “I know Denver is going to be crazy but New York is going to be even crazier.”

“I think some actual Rocky Mountain Colorado fans should come to New York City and watch the Broncos here,” Allgood said.

On Monday, Rocky the Colorado Leprechan was among the first to take them up on that invitation. He showed up at the bar for the first of many appearances throughout the week.

“Now that Denver fans in New York know that they can come here all weekend and just be in this community,” Allgood said. “It’s a phenomenal feeling.”

Both Mustang Harry’s and Sally’s have received so much interest from Broncos fans that they are no longer taking reservations for Super Bowl Sunday, however there will still be some seats available for early arriving fans.

There are also Broncos events planned throughout the week.