Officer shoots suspected robber at 84th and Pecos

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DENVER — A Federal Heights police officer shot and killed a man suspected of robbing two separate stores on Sunday night, Federal Heights Police spokesman Gary Toldness said.

Police received a report of a robbery at 92nd Avenue and Tejon Street late Sunday, followed by another robbery report from a Family Dollar store at 84th Avenue and Pecos Street a short time later, Toldness said.

About 10 p.m., a Federal Heights officer confronted the robbery suspect near the Family Dollar. The confrontation ended with the officer shooting the suspect, police said.

The suspect has since died at the hospital. No officers were hurt.

As of 10:15 p.m., there was a heavy police presence in the area and several streets were closed for investigation.



  • Smiley Dave

    I relocated here a year ago, from Detroit.
    Im totally amazed the way the cops here come out in force and shut down areas, Till they get the violators.
    Other cities should try this…

      • Jonathan Holston

        And further, we don’t know any details behind what happen. If you get pulled over and the police says you are armed and kill you, what can you do about it besides hope that your family has enough money to go up against the state. Do you know for sure the suspect had a gun. Typically, the type of gun is mentioned but if you notice in this case, they have released as little information as possible. Smells fishy to me…

  • Dave in Colorado

    A big thanks to Federal Heights Police for protecting it’s citizens and also saving them millions in court costs & public defender fees.

  • tee

    Way to go Federal Heights P.D.. To bad this person was the salt of the earth, and ready to be a strong contributor to society. Not !!!!!!

  • jimmy

    It was probably another white lazy food stamp living person trying to steal from a “dollar store” lol how sad! Get a job people..

  • Jonathan Holston

    nothing balanced about this at all. No one knows details, they just assume the police is right. They are human just like we are and if they are having a bad day, who knows what they will do. The people that post on here are clueless to what really happened. They just want to feel important so they post their senseless comments about something they hear on the news. Well, to set the record straight, 20% of people who are found guilty of a crime that DNA later proves they didn’t commit, say that they did it under interrogation. Now you ask who would say they did something if they didn’t actually do it. It happens more than what you know… but once the people who reply to stuff like this see the news say they did it, that’s all they need. WIsh people would just shut up when they don’t know what they are talking about but I understand some people have been ignored so long, they just want to be heard.

  • Jonathan Holston

    This has been the most quiet kept police shooting I’ve ever seen. I’ve been looking everywhere about how the actual shooting happened but no one wants to release any details. Smells kind of fishy to me.

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