Two teens allegedly sickened by pot edibles in SW Colorado

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OLATHE, Colo. — A 14-year-old boy was facing possible drug charges Friday after allegedly giving marijuana-infused edibles to other students at Olathe High School.

Two of the students were taken to the emergency room this week after eating the items, the Montrose Daily Press reported.

Police are investigating how the suspect allegedly obtained the marijuana, Olathe Police Chief Justin Harlan told the paper. The boy was cited in municipal court and the matter has also been referred to the District Attorney’s Office.

Harlan said it is too soon to tell whether the OHS incident had anything to do with the recent legalization of pot for those 21 and older.

A letter from the school district, however, cautioned parents that “with the legalization of marijuana by people over the age of 21 it may mean that marijuana and marijuana food products will be more readily available to our young people.”

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  • Jimis Genetics

    Do people act that dumb in Colorado for real? Rushed to hospital over the safest, most health plant known to mankind? Afraid it might stunt cancer growth? Now some kid who GAVE his buddy free medicine is facing fines and probation? That atmospheric pressure up in those mountains must be messing with your heads.

  • Jimis Genetics

    I’m sickened by this story. They should put the editors on probation. This story literally caused more damage to my well being than all the cannabis in the world could.

  • cardsfan78

    Most of us old timers have been smoking pot since well before 14 years old. Rushed to the emergency room….are you kidding me??????????? You make it sound like he ingested rat poisoning!!!!!

  • JoeCO

    Id love to know what they did at the hospital to help…..nothing because there was no reason to go to the hospital. Second why don’t we get news articles every time a student gets sent home from a dance or event from drinking?

  • Citizen80919

    Why did Fox 31 not update their readers on the condition of these kids after their emergency? People are probably concerned if these kids died from the Marijuanas.

    Oh, I know… Because there was nothing wrong with them. I glass of water, two bags of Cheetos and an $8,000 hospital bill.

  • Stacia

    There are actually people allergic to pot in some form or fashion. A reaction can be very deadly. Sometimes people are rushed to the hospital for ingesting pot, it does happen.

  • Ryan Borger

    Test… maybe you need a brownie? You aren’t laughing because you are ignorant and devoid of the information giving you understanding of why it isn’t anything to be overly concerned about. And yes to those that know the truth of cannabis it is funny. All you anti cannabis people look like you just swallered a shot O’ castor erl… Like an old pissed off librarian that has shooshed the same person 5 times in a row. Get over it. It will be fully legal whether you like it or not. Tough titty said the kitty and the cow said.. moo!.

  • Ryan Borger

    Stacia.. are you out of your mind? No no no.. No one in the history of mankind has died from ingesting cannabis… EVER. Not if they are allergic, not if it was a tuesday and they were constipated.. Never.. It is not physically possible period. It would take 1500 lbs of cannabis to be ingested in 15 minutes or less to induce a fatal reaction. Not.. POSSIBLE. Do not talk if you do not know.. NO it DOES NOT happen. EVER EVER EVER. Go research and post your results of no one EVER dying from cannabis EVER.

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