Friends of Denver woman missing in Texas gather to support the search

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DENVER -- A Denver woman went for a walk on Friday, January 17th in Texas and never returned. Now, search crews are continuing to scour the area outside San Antonio and friends and family in Colorado are pitching in to help.

They started with a Facebook page. That quickly grew to thousands and thousands of “likes.” Next, they organized fundraisers held in her honor. One such fundraiser happened at The Hornet, off First and Broadway in Denver on Friday evening.

33-year-old Leanne Bearden was known for her vivaciousness. Her friend Emily Linder said, "She has a big personality in this tiny little package. She's adventurous, she's fun, and she’s a great friend."

Aerial crews and ground search teams scoured the rugged terrain and so far, have turned up nothing. On Saturday, January 25th, Texas Search & Rescue will again comb through the area, hoping something will lead to Bearden.

Supporters in Denver, like Justin Hall, are hoping to help too. “We’re a few miles away we've still been working as hard as we can to keep doing whatever we can do to make any difference, hopefully." He and others are hoping to raise money to keep sending private helicopters up, in search of their friend.

Bearden and her husband Josh had just checked off an item on their bucket list; traveling around the world for the last two years. They were celebrating the holidays with his family and getting ready to return to Denver when she vanished.

Family and friends can only speculate what happened to her. The one thing they know, they want her found safe, and soon.

"I hope that, all the love that's here, and all the people that care about her will be so palpable, that she can feel it and that we can find her,” said Hilary Myers.



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