Edibles confiscated at Aspen airport raises new questions for law enforcement

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ASPEN, Colo. — Agents with the Transportation Security Agency at the Aspen airport found themselves in a unique position when they uncovered 38 ounces of pot-laced edibles in a traveler’s luggage Monday, reported the Aspen Daily News.

In some recreational marijuana cases, the TSA contacts the FBI and, in other circumstances, the TSA contacts local officials, said Brad Gibson, director of investigations at the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office.

On Monday, TSA handed the case to the Pitkin County police, who decided not to charge the individual in possession of the edibles.

Gibson said police opted not to pursue legal action because the person was not doing anything wrong, at least not according to state law.

Though, while retail marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, it remains illegal on a federal level. This places Colorado law enforcement is a compromised position, Gibson told the Aspen news outlet.

Twelve bags of edibles were seized at the airport Monday, raising even more questions in the issue like determining whether or not an individual is meeting the legal limits of THC when in possession of edibles, said Gibson — legally, a person can posses up to an ounce of marijuana.

State versus federal, pot versus edibles, Gibson said it all falls into a “gray area,” especially for airports, and added it will take time to clarify the logistics of the legislation.

For now, several Colorado airports, including the Colorado Springs Airport, are installing amnesty boxes for travelers to hand over their marijuana and edibles without consequences.

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