Broncos’ Knighton to share Super Bowl experience through Google Glass

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DENVER -- Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton has already given fans plenty of memorable highlights this season and now he’s about to do the same off the field.

On Friday evening, the Broncos defensive tackle got a crash course on how to use his very own Google Glass.

"Oh wow, I was expecting lenses," Knighton said, as he opened the Google Glass box sitting in front of him.

Denver-based Banner Media Group offered the Glass and a tutorial on creating photos and videos prior to Knighton’s Super Bowl trip with the team.

"You say, 'Okay Glass record a video,'" said Chip Hanna, with Banner Sports.

"My teammates are going to be jealous," Knighton said.

That may be, but “Pot Roast” will be the only Bronco and the first NFL player to ever take the technology to the Super Bowl.

"Anytime something new, electronically, comes out, I try to get it and play around with it," Knighton said.

As he plays around with it, fans will be able to watch it happen.

Fox 31 Denver will be bringing you his videos and photos throughout the week. He’s also partnering with Banner Sports to provide access to the content on a special Google+ account.

"This is really kind of first-hand reporting, or first-hand experience through the eyes of the athlete,” said Will Garin, President of Banner Media Group. “I think what it gives the fan is an unprecedented look at what it's like to be Terrance."

"You know, you always want fans to feel like they're there,” Knighton said. “I think this is as close as you can get without them actually being there."

He promises to use Glass to show fans the Super Bowl events he takes in. He also plans to share conversations with teammates, including Peyton Manning.

"I'll go up to him and tell him to say hello to the fans,” Knighton said. “But he's not going to talk to me much because he'll be focused. We tend to leave him alone."

He says he wishes he could take it on the field as well, to show fans what one of his signature sacks looks and sounds like.

"A lot of times you hit these guys and they make feminine sounds, but I'll keep their names out of it," Knighton said with a laugh.

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