Appsolute Must: Yelp App to find local businesses and save money

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Yelp has been around for nearly a decade!  It was one of the original business review sites on the web.  The company was slow to move into the world of mobile apps but now they offer a great tool for locals on the go.  Here are some of the cool features of the Yelp app.

Finding local businesses

First and foremost, the Yelp app does what you would expect Yelp to do.  Pop up the app, tap the "Nearby" option and you'll find business that are near your current location.  You can select different categories and sort the results based on their review rating or the number of times they have been reviewed.  Simple, yet effective.

Finding special deals!

What you may not know is that you can search those restaurants for exclusive Yelp deals and Check-in offers.  "Deals" typically offer you a gift certificate for a discounted price.  For example, $20 worth of food for $10.  I found plenty of deal offers in the Denver area.

"Check-in offers" are exclusive offers for Yelp users who check-in to a business using the Yelp app.  These usually include free drinks, appetizers or small discounts.  I also found plenty of these available across Denver.

There's no catch.  Use the Yelp app to save some money and get free stuff!


We've seen various augmented reality features on apps before. Yelp's monocle is one of the coolest.  Point your smartphone in any direction and it shows you the Yelp businesses that are in that direction superimposed on top of your camera's real image.  It also shows the businesses' star rating.  Tap on any business and it takes you to the profile page to get more info.  It's pretty cool and a great tool if you're in a location and quickly want to know what is around you.


The Yelp app is a great tool for discovering local businesses.  Heads up: Results that appear in yellow are sponsored results.  They appear at the top of the results list similar to what you see when doing a Google search.  Just because they're at the top doesn't mean they're the highest rated.  Use the stars as your guide!

You can download the Yelp app for iPhone or Android.



  • The TRUTH

    This site is a joke like the rest. Might as well be Tom Martino’s website. Word of mouth is superior. Period

  • Adrian

    The site is a joke, like others of similar content, it encourages people to berate companies where little or no significance to the actual workings of the companies applies. It’s a place where if someone finds a restaurant with food that is too spicy or the coffee is too hot, condemnation rules. Someone I have followed has 89 reviews, get a life.

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