How Richard Sherman turned Broncos-Seahawks into good vs. evil in 30 seconds

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DENVER -- Denver fans can't wait to watch their Broncos try to beat the Seattle Seahawks into the Atlantic Ocean. And thanks to Richard Sherman, they may not be the only ones harboring those feelings of anticipation.

They have Richard Sherman to thank for that. So does Fox -- the network and the coach.

In case the rest of the world hadn't been watching his team all year, Sherman gave them the cliff notes on the Seahawks' season in 30 seconds.

"I'm the best corner in the game," Sherman screamed directly into the camera when asked to describe his team's 23-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers. "When you try me with a sorry receiver like (Michael) Crabtree, that's the result you gon' get!

"Don't you open your mouth about the best," Sherman continued. "Or I'm gonna shut it real quick."

The members of the press might be giddy about a trip to Super Bowl XLVII over the next two weeks. But their employers might save some money and gain some ratings by cancelling those bookings and playing Sherman's two postgame interviews on loop.

Yes, there was a second Sherman interview.

"Med - i - ocre," Sherman said about Crabtree after he was given a chance to cool down and took the locker room podium. "I was making sure everybody knew Crabtree was a mediocre receiver. And when you try the best corner in the game with a mediocre receiver that's what happens."

So what happens when you try the best corner in the game against the best quarterback in NFL? Be prepared to speculate for two weeks. Be assured Peyton Manning and his teammates won't play into Sherman's hand.

And that's why a lot of NFL territory will be temporarily annexed and dubbed Broncos Country for the next two weeks.

But this expanding domain won't just be able to arm themselves with the strength of numbers. There are also plenty of good vibes beaming out of the Mile High City -- and we're not talking about the 300 days of sunshine -- that Broncos fans can point to if faced with an argument emerging from Seattle, a place that's starting to look even gloomier than usual.

When confronted with the idea that Sherman's candor is entertaining and good for the NFL, a league where authenticity is becoming an increasingly-rare commodity, Broncos Country can point to Manning. Over the course of 16-years in the NFL, Denver's quarterback has found a way to be candid and entertaining without being inflammatory.

It's been about eight years since "Cut that meat!", but the line from Manning's Master Card commercial celebrating the everyday man is still on posters at all his games.

When Eric Decker got a phony invoice informing him he'd been charged $300 for the towels and tape he used over a week-long mini camp at Duke, there was little doubt who was behind it.

Manning may not talk a lot of trash about his opponents, but he's not afraid to address his critics, mention alcohol and his thirst for it or to playfully divulge trade secrets behind his pre-snap "Omaha" calls.

Manning's cheery demeanor is all well and good, Seattle fans might mention at this juncture, but that might have something to do with the fact that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Sherman may then be excused because he's a Compton survivor-turned-Stanford graduate, and his incessant smack talk may be called a security mechanism that helped him not only endure, but thrive.

When you're presented with that argument, Broncos Country, be prepared with this retort: The Seahawks' penchant for belittling and occasionally threatening anyone who isn't a Seahawk doesn't start and end with Sherman.

Currently-suspended Seahawks corner Brandon Browner went on a local radio show and said he wanted to choke out an opposing coach.

Seattle linebacker Bruce Irvin and three other Seahawks couldn't even wait for their divisional playoff game against the New Orleans Saints to start before ganging up for a four-on-one trash talking session against Saints tight end Jimmy Graham.

Golden Tate not only celebrated after his illegal, blindsided hit on the Dallas Cowboys' Sean Lee, he later dubbed it the "Sean Lee treatment" and said he wouldn't mind reapplying it to another one of his opponents. The Seahawks wide receiver got fined for the hit. He also got fined for demonstratively waving goodbye to the St. Louis Rams as he sauntered into the end zone during a win over the worst team in the Seahawks' division.

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was also fined for refusing to speak with the media. When the NFL finally forced him to into a chat, Lynch stood in front of his locker, refused to turn down the blaring music emanating from it, responded to every question with a one-word answer, then turned around to show reporters the back of his sweatshirt, which had "(Expletive) you!" written all over it.

You could even bring up the Seahawks' marketing department, who stole Texas A&M's intellectual property when they starting raising their "12th Man" flag in 2003, using a term that had been trademarked by Texas A&M without the university's consent. The Seahawks were eventually sued into a licensing agreement, so their continued use of "12th Man" is no longer illegal. But Texas A&M remains more than a little peeved that the Seahawks are still unwilling to give the university any cordial credit for the role it played in coining the term.

But at the end of the day, Broncos Country, there's no reason not to be civil with the Seahawks. Give them a smile, a wave and tell them to enjoy their "12th Man" while they can.

They'll be reminded soon enough that they can't take him with them to East Rutherford.



  • Scooter

    Sherman being the best corner in the game is open to debate. What is not open to debate and absolutely clear is, how even in victory, he has NO CLASS at all.

  • Test

    Stanford must be rally proud of this guy, he has a degree in communication from their fine university.

    I don’t think it’s any secret that the big football schools have special programs for their special students.

  • Paul Underwood II

    Will, if you’re going to go to the trouble of writing an article, you may want to try and get your facts straight. I have noticed that in today’s journalism, most of you tend to never let the facts get in the way of a good story, but those of us in the real world prefer facts, not fiction. For beginners, the #12 jersey was retired in 1984.The Seahawks have been raising the “12” flag at Centurylink since 2003. Texas A&M was paid in 2006. And they began using the term in 1922; a full 10 years after it was mentioned in a University of Iowa publication. “Stole” may be a little strong there. What you mention Seattle fans may or may not say in your article is pure conjecture. Never mind foolish filler for your article. Bear in mind, the Seahawks have already played in that stadium in Jersey this year, whipping the Giants 23-0 (and it wasn’t that close). Good news is, you, like Jim Carrey, have a chance. But us Seahawks fans, like our players, prefer to to talk AFTER the game.
    ; ) GO HAWKS!

  • Jodi Allen

    Good question Melvin! But remember he is a Hawks fan and apparently super proud of the fact that his team beat the pathetic Giants this year in Jersey. That justifies Sherman to be a classless POS.
    Broncos already won no matter what the score, classy organization from players, fans,to the coaching staff and everyone in between. I would take that over a bunch of thugs any day



  • Foxbravo

    Paul, if you are so concerned with accurate journalism, I suggest you re read your comment and correct your grammar.
    Or perhaps you don’t know any better and, like Sherman, are just mouthing off.

  • Grace

    Oh sure. . Slam the Seahawks for all their problems? Are we forgetting all the bad things that have happened with the Broncos this season? ?? Oh yeah. . Peyton overshadows all that. I forgot. Let’s be fair.

  • Paula

    Whatever glory Sherman should have got from his play was ruined by his outburst! Wonder how he feels making such a fool of himself in front of the entire nation!

  • Will C. Holden

    Hi Paul. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to write.

    You make a fair point about the exact date when the Seahawks began using the “12th Man.” That was a typo on my part and it has since been amended. You’re also free to take issue with the somewhat convoluted history of the “12th Man” and whether it’s appropriate to refer to the unlicensed use of trademarked intellectual property as “stealing.” I can’t say I have much interest in engaging you in that debate. I’m much more interested in the unequivocal fact that Texas A&M’s legal usage of the “12th Man” predates the Seahawks’ by the better part of eight decades.

    You’re quite right to define the hypothetical statements put forth on my part for Seattle fans as conjecture. However, I’m afraid you’ve missed the mark in calling this an “article.” It’s a column, Paul; an opinion piece, if you will. The usage of the hugely-subjective terms “good” and “evil” in the headline imply as much. Our apologies if you didn’t find that implication to be abundantly clear.

    As for your suggestion that the Seahawks prefer to talk after the game, well, you may want to take a quick look at Richard Sherman’s Twitter account before calling that an accurate statement.

    Thanks once again, Paul, for reading and for taking the time to voice your opinion. Please don’t hesitate to bring us your questions, comments and concerns in the future. We will do our best to respond if/when we see fit.

  • Seachicken

    I hope Peyton doesn’t get that neck broken. I’m worried. These youngsters are playing FOOTBALL. Your all sad that they get fired up? That means they are thugs? Really? Leave that old west racism at home Denver.

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