Owners discover big marijuana grow operation in home they rented out

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- A marijuana nightmare for s homeowner who turned their house into rental property.

They got the shock of a lifetime after their renters bolted.

The renters stopped paying rent,  but not before they turned the house in a giant marijuana grow operation.

FOX31 Denver's Julie Hayden shows us ways to prevent it from happening to others in her video report.

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  • Citizen80919

    Funny… the jumbled mess of “Dangerous Wires” at 1:45 into the video are coax cable for television.

  • Test

    The lady is looking at the electrical box and says there is no way to tell if it is safe? It’s not like they hid the wiring in a concrete slab. It’s really easy to tell if it’s safe, find someone with a brain and have them look at it. Most adults can match up wire size with an appropriate circuit breaker. Most other electrical codes are also very simple.

    14ga = 15 Amps
    12ga = 20 Amps
    10ga = 30 Amps
    8ga = 40 Amps
    6ga = 50 Amps

    This stuff does not even involve math.

    There should be no joining of wires without an enclosing junction box. So, the wiring shown may or may not be safe, but it does not meet code.

  • Debi

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