New Mexico police to pay $1.6 million after forcing man to undergo anal procedures

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DEMING, N.M — A New Mexico man will receive a $1.6 million settlement after police inappropriately forced him to undergo three enemas, a colonoscopy and other anal procedures, the American Bar Association reported.

The city of Deming and Hidalgo County got a search warrant to authorize the examination of David Eckert after he was pulled over for failing to yield to a stop sign when exiting a parking lot in January of 2013, ABA reported.

Police claimed that Eckert was “clenching his buttocks,” leading officers to believe he was hiding drugs in his body. Following the arduous process, no drugs were found on the suspect or in his vehicle.

In a lawsuit, Eckhart claims the search warrant was only valid in Luna County, New Mexico, but police moved him to another county after doctors in Luna refused to examine him against his will. The suit also alleges that a “K-9” unit used to incriminate Eckhart was not a properly licensed police dog.

Under the terms of the settlement, police admit no wrongdoing.

The suit also names the medical facility and its staff as defendants, and that portion of the suit is ongoing, ABA reported.



  • Test

    “Police claimed that Eckert was “clenching his buttocks,” leading officers to believe he was hiding drugs in his body.”

    So, if you have to go and the cops pull you over, don’t clench, just let it go……

    Like no one has ever run a stop sign because they need to get to a bathroom quick?

    If you ever visit the Badlands — DO NOT DRINK THE WATER.

  • Urlulu

    I thought using the furnace sponser of Tom Martino that Fox31 exposed as a crook was as bad….you really get plumblined.

  • AutoFill Michael Katz

    Notice a judge agreed there was probable cause. Search warrants are a huge hassle. There’s got to be more to this story. And all his ground were on the technicalities we all complain about. Not the first time a govt settled just to get the problem over

  • Just Sayin'

    Hey, New Mexico Tax Payer: congrats on having to pay for this. If that makes you mad, remember the feeling the next time you vote.

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