Investigators: Destructive Lakewood carport fire set by arsonist

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- Investigators confirmed Thursday that a destructive carport fire in Lakewood in October 2013 was indeed the work of an arsonist.

They say one man purposely set as many as three fires in the same area by using an accelerant.

Investigators say what they need now are witnesses. Some people living in the area say they still have trouble sleeping.

"I look out the window to see if I see flames," says Amy Dennison, who had a car destroyed in the fire. "It's kind of hard. I probably should have gotten some therapy for it."

Police say the fires caused $250,000 damage and destroyed 16 vehicles.



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  • Test

    No, you don’t set a fire with an accelerant. You set a fire with a lighter or matches. The accelerant just speeds the spread of the fire.

    Nearly 100% of the time accelerant means gasoline. Where is Rhonda Fields and her gas can ban, restrictions on semi automatic lighters and high capacity match books? Just think of the children we could save with common sense lighter laws.

    BTW, diesel engines are safer, last longer and get better fuel economy.

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