Broomfield coyote study asks residents to haze coyotes

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(Photo: MGN Online)

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — As part of an effort to study volatile coyotes in the region, researchers are asking Broomfield residents to “haze” the animals to see how they react.

According to the Broomfield Enterprise, Metro Area Coyote Behavior Study researchers issued a series of requests regarding coyotes to Broomfield residents this week. One of those requests involved hassling the wild animals.

“If you meet a coyote, make it feel unwelcome by yelling, throwing rocks and sticks at it, stamping your feet, spraying it with a hose or banging pots and pans,” researchers requested.

The requests are all part of a study that has been going on in Broomfield for the past two years, the Enterprise reported.

Residents participating in the study are using cameras, warning signs and other tools to gather information to help better understand how coyotes react to being hassled. The areas where the research is being conducted will also be observed through mounted cameras.

“The main objective is to observe humans and coyotes and (reduce) human-coyote conflict,” Broomfield Open Space and Trails coordinator Pete Dunlaevy said.

According to Broomfield Open Space, there were 14 coyote interactions in the city in 2013.



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