14-year-old sued by former baseball coach

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ROSEVILLE, Calif. — A 14-year-old is being sued by his former little league coach and the lawsuit stems from a celebratory helmet toss.

Joe Paris told CNN the moment he saw a lawsuit filed in connection with his son throwing a baseball helmet in the air in a celebratory fashion during a Lakeside Little League game, he was dumbfounded.

“I thought it was a joke,” Paris said. “Then I realized it absolutely wasn’t. Now I think it’s absurd.”

In this court summons, Paris found out his 14-year old son, who his dad asked CNN not to name, is being sued by his former little league coach and chiropractor Alan Beck for what Beck said the boy did during a game.

The boy’s dad said his son was on second base when a teammate hit the game-winner. As he rounded third to score the winning run, he threw his helmet in the air.

That’s when the boy’s own coach said in court papers that the helmet hit him on the ankle and severed his Achilles tendon.

That coach is now asking for more than $500,000 from the 14-year-old and his parents for pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills.

“He’s not going to do anything today,” Beck said.

When I finally did contact Beck Wednesday afternoon he said he couldn’t comment until he gets the ok from his attorney.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Paris said.

But at the field where this incident happened, a former coach and his son openly questioned what basis a teenager could be held liable.

“Number one there was no intent,” Paris said.

Legal expert Bill Portanova, who looked at the legal filing, agreed this is going to be a tough case to prove in a sport where bats, balls even helmets fly around during every game.

“There’s a good chance whoever responds to lawsuit will get it dismissed because the plaintiff signed on for contact,” Portanova said. “Because baseball is a contact sport.”

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  • Mickey Cook

    Makes you wonder how, mechanically, this happened. Sounds like a freak accident for sure…… Why does everyone always have to GET something. The question is…. Did the coach have Obamacare?

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