The weight loss photo deemed unfit for Facebook

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BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Social media is how we vent, relate, and, a lot of times, show off. As long as what you show is in good taste, what could possibly go wrong?

Apparently not in the case of Marilyn Mckenna, who was told by Facebook that her photo was unfit for their social medium.

McKenna posted a photo of an old, size 20 pair of pants, which she calls her “fat pants.” After lap band surgery, she's now able to squeeze her whole torso into one leg.

“I used to weigh 265 pounds,” McKenna said. “Those old pants mean a lot to me because they’re a reminder of how far I’ve come.”

It’s a journey she now shares with the world on Facebook. She posts interviews, thoughts and prepares to finish a book.

McKenna thought the photo of her in one leg of her “fat pants” was the best way to illustrate what she’s lost and what she’s gained, so she made it her profile picture.

That’s when Facebook told her she had a problem.

These types of images are considered to be promoting idealized physical appearances and are policy violating. And when she tried to post the photo again, she was given an error message: “Your ad wasn't approved because it promotes adult products.”

McKenna, the wife of the former Washington state attorney general wasn't pleased. McKenna may have lost weight, but she didn't mince words.

“I can't even fathom what they're thinking,” she said. “I call B.S. on Facebook.”

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  • jsulateskee

    Our society is becoming ridiculously sensitive! This lady, and others alike, need to be praised for their accomplishment, not banned because others are “offended”. Buck up, society!

  • Jebs

    facebook mines our data and internet activities even when we are not logged in – then sell that personally identifiable data to anyone – Why else do you think facebook is free people? Now they want to censor (judge) us too? I block all of facebooks ip ranges at my modem. You all should too!

  • Angela

    It’s okay for women to be half naked on FB and post pictures that are not appropriate, but a woman who is fully clothed and promoting health and wellness gets in trouble! What is wrong with our society????

  • Rhonda

    Really but yet we let teenagers on there that barely have clothes on and that’s ok? Seriously get a clue! She looks fantastic!

  • Scooter

    Granted the politically correct pendulum has clearly swung in the worn direction. But dont blame society on this one. Blame FB for being so extremely narrrow minded, ignorant, clue-less and flat out stupid. Shame on FB.

  • Brenn

    Really!? I’d much rather see that on F.B than girls stuffing weed buds in their vaginas!!!! Idiot world we live in.

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