Raw Video: Man takes hostage outside 7-Eleven

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DENVER -- Raw video from the Denver officer-involved shooting. In the video, an unidentified man takes a woman and uses her as a shield while police yell for the man to surrender.

WARNING: This video may not be appropriate for some viewers.
LINK: Interview with hostage victim

As the man tries to take the woman back inside the store, an officer opens fire hitting the man. He falls to the ground, the hostage runs away and officers swarm the area.

The man was taken to Denver Health Medical Center for treatment and was listed in critical condition Monday afternoon.



  • Philip Shremshock

    After reading all these comments, I desided most are really confused, and full of themselves, good shot yes, needed, probably not, if more folks were carring a gun themselves probably would not have even gone that far, as for all the pothead remarks to you folks I’d say your full of hot air and probably consume alcohol which is 20 times worse, so to blame anything except for stupidity on the assailants part is purly assinine on your behalf, and nothing more then pushing your own political agendas, probably believe Obama is the best thing since sliced bread too.

  • Mike

    Looks like they tried to make a non-lethal shot. I cant see where the bullet actually impacts his clothing, nor does the glass shatter on the door indicating a through and through. Very tricky shot as a bullet has an opportunity to bounce and deflect from a head shot (main reason not to take one), likely a hollow point which would more likely remain in the perp. He quickly shoots his hips backwards as if hit in the body would like to know the exact location of the bullet.

    These incidents need to be publicized more and then the punks would have a good idea why they should not consider robbing their local 7-11. They used to have public hangings for a reason, so everyone would know just what would happen if they commit such crimes.

  • Tom

    If they would show things like this more often on TV. maybe the crime rate would go down! To see what happens in real life is more effective then watching a cops and robbers show were you know they aren’t really shot!

  • Udhdh

    Lol. Pls nobody try to blame weed for this. You are much more likely to be eating Cheetos and watching re-runs than having a y sort of violent notion.

    Crystal meth, yes. Weed, not likely. Legalization in Colorado would drop crime rates before it would ever increase them. Also driving high on marijuana is nothing like driving drunk. For those who thought that was going to be a big problem. Isolated incidents, not mass statistics.

  • Brett H

    You’re right, Michelle…..this dirtbag was the victim, and the (once again) evil police should’ve shot him in the foot, but instead murdered him in cold blood.

  • andaubreywhn

    Regardless of the “aim” of the shot, that man was holding another, against their will, threatening their lives and well-being. If the officer would have aimed anywhere else, the perp could still have hurt/killed that woman, or someone else standing around, ESPECIALLY if he was armed. They aim for the takedown to protect not only the hostages, but everyone else in the vicinity.
    Pretty cut and dry. Now… debate some more…

  • candy mccarron

    I was shocked that you showed this on TV. I saw it in the morning, and I am glad my kids weren’t watching. No matter if he was guilty or not, no family wants to see their family member shot on tv. how tragic.

  • Robert Gift

    ^ Your family member, Candy? Sorry if it was.
    I do not want to see anyone shot.
    But better it be the criminal than his innocent victim. Any idea why he did this? Drugged? Failed suicide by cop?

  • Ado

    You feel sorry for the guy? I wish that guy nothing but the worst for putting somebody through that. I’ve been robbed gun point before and I know the feeling. Studying criminal justice to and will be a police officer soon. Those cops did the right thing and deserve all the credit in the world. They had all rights to shoot him

  • Virgil Warren

    Gun, knives or even bare hands michelle it dont matter he could have killed another human.good job cop.

  • Michelle

    Michelle is not an idiot. Michelle is a child of god and love. I am sad to see all of the hatred and disrespect for human life. I pray for you to find god. I am well educated and researched and I know better than to assume, like so many respondents have here. I don’t assume that he had had a gun or that he attempted robbery and through research I confirmed that he was being chased by the police into the store. . . “He dropped his coat,” said Dino Gallegos, who was exiting the store as Leroux ran in, “and the officer picked it up. The suspect ran around the corner and into 7-Eleven.” http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/front-range/denver/7-eleven-hostage-taking-suspect-identified-by-denver-police-as-blas-leroux
    He has been in the system since a young boy and the system is designed for his failure.
    I’m sure with his lengthy record in the worthless system he probably felt safer in full public view. You may need to turn up the volume louder so you can here that the hostage DOESN’T say, “I’m not going back in.” She DOES say, “I’m not going to back up.” or “They’re not going to back up.” He seemed to be hiding behind the woman for protection. He didn’t physically harm anyone. You can also clearly hear the female officer coaxing him out, “Come on sweetie, it’s ok, come on out, it’s ok”. If he had a gun than fine, you must shoot to kill, to protect the woman but don’t assume. The facts are: He was not trying to go back in. There is still no confirmation that he had a weapon. An unarmed man can be stopped in many other ways besides killing him. I am not saying he made a smart decision by not raising his arms and he definitely did wrong. I feel terrible for the “human shield” but if he was not armed he didn’t deserve to be murdered. There is too much justification of police using lethal force. As this tragic incident unfolded with full publicity, I am sad to hear so many in society rush to judgment or assume and not use a critical, unbiased assessments of the facts. Then again, the hate and ignorance that fueled such hateful commentators is why the white man controls the government in the first place. The Native Americans were slaughtered in even more tragic fashion. Yep, this liberal thinks advocating more guns is the most sick thought yet. To those who wish harm to me and my family for having different opinions and beliefs, I pray for you. You need more help and prayers than the scared soul that was shot.

  • Robert Gift

    The disrespect for human life was that of the criminal who took the woman hostage.
    He caused the reaction of being shot by threatening the innocent woman.
    He acted as though armed. She acted as though he was armed.
    What kind of coward threatens a woman?
    He brought upon himself the response of being neutralized. By his refusing to surrender, after an hour of negotiation with police, he caused there to be no other solution but to be neutralized. What other alternative was there?
    I expected a head shot to prevent him from harming the woman.
    His criminal action has nothing to do with Native American atrocities or anything else. Your attempt fails.

  • Bill Wielenbeck

    I love how you nutjobs against Michelle thinks it’s so wonderful that today’s militarized police force can become the Judge, Jury and Executioner on unarmed assailants. Was the guy in the wrong? Most indubitably! Is this woman in imminent danger? Doesn’t appear so. Does this case warrant the use of lethal force? Hell NO! We have this thing called the Constitution of the United States, and in this Constitution we have this thing called the 14th amendment which gives the right to “Due Process”, not shoot to kill because this guy did something wrong. If he is not armed and this woman is not in imminent danger you do NOT shoot. The use of lethal force is ONLY to be used as a last resort, not as a tool of convenience to get it over with.
    In this case, they also lied about why the cop fired, They said he tried to pull her back him, he showed nothing as to trying to pull her back in. This cop and who gave the green light to fire, need to be charged with murder/attempted murder, reckless endangerment, illegal discharge of a firearm, and anything else that can be trumped up. This Gestapo type police force has got to be knocked back into place. They are hire to protect and serve, to enforce the laws, not to be above them.

    • Robert Gift

      “Is this woman in imminent danger? Doesn’t appear so.”
      Incorrect. It DOES appear that she was in danger. He acted as though endangering her, and she reacted as though she was in danger.

      Thank you, police, for ending that danger by stopping the criminal who refused to release his innocent hostage.

  • Robert Gift

    “Her danger was much higher due to the team of guns pointed at her?”
    Yes, that is why she raised her hands!
    Officers were likely very careful to not let aim fall upon her.

    My concern is if they are taking a shot and she faints or moves into the projectile’s trajectory before the person firing can react and not fire.

  • byron g

    Funny how some people say that they shouldnt have shot him just because he looks white. If it was an arab or black they would be praising it.

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