Raw Video: Man takes hostage outside 7-Eleven

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DENVER -- Raw video from the Denver officer-involved shooting. In the video, an unidentified man takes a woman and uses her as a shield while police yell for the man to surrender.

WARNING: This video may not be appropriate for some viewers.
LINK: Interview with hostage victim

As the man tries to take the woman back inside the store, an officer opens fire hitting the man. He falls to the ground, the hostage runs away and officers swarm the area.

The man was taken to Denver Health Medical Center for treatment and was listed in critical condition Monday afternoon.



  • Michael

    Your looking at view of an unfolding tactical response , a snapshot at the ending moments of an over hour long stand off / hostage situation.
    Those officers used restraint and negotiation prior to the use of lethal force. If you look at the video clearly , you would notice the reflection of a pistol in the assailant’s right hand. The officers waited until the assailant lowered his right right hand low enough away from the victims head , to avoid a the reactionary discharge of assailants weapon when he was shot.
    These officers should be commended for a great rescue . Michelle , be thankful that those officers were as good as they were to prevent a tragedy



    It’s people like you that enable bad guys like the dead perp. I know you’re not going to understand that, but it matters not if you do or not. It just needs to be said. Maybe you’ll understand one day, hopefully not after going through a traumatic experience yourself.

  • Aly

    That CHILD is not a man…and I’m sorry, Michelle…if that was your grandmother in that elder woman’s place you wouldn’t be defending him. Secondly, Michelle…in a situation like this they have resorted to rubber tipped bullets so NO one gets hurt. Granted rubber isn’t the best feeling at high speed, but they don’t use real ammunition unless the situation got worse. How do you know if he had a gun? Maybe he had a knife. I don’t know I wasn’t there, but the point of the matter is that criminals (which this child is) start getting crazy when they want to run for doing something they shouldn’t have done in the first place..Great job to the trigger finger who caught this kid…now a grandmother gets to see all her kids for another day. Boo-hoo for the child…shouldn’t have been a dumb @$$ to begin with…

  • JR

    Michelle – how dare you suggest our brave sociopaths in law enforcement don’t have the right to shoot unarmed people. This is the ‘Merika where we shoot first and ask questions later. As for these backwoods inbred bloodthirsty yokels….well, most of them are married to their sisters, brothers or cousins so what do you expect.

  • wol

    id of finished him off with a couple more, he now probably gets great treatment in the hospital, wished they’d shoot them here in the uk.

  • William


    I concur with the other people on this subject. You are a true idiot and should keep your liberal mouth shut.

  • Jake Miku

    Reading these comments make me really sad. WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS PEOPLE, taking each others lives is NOT okay. From what I see/hear, that man was not armed. No one’s life was in danger except the poor guy after they shot him.. You know they have rubber bullets, mace, tazers.. all NON-lethal options.. The fact that people are applauding a possible life loss makes me sick, no matter what he did :( And to the people who made a comment about cannabis, that really hurts your credibility, not helps it.

    May you all have a peaceful and blessed day.

  • Jon

    Wow people feel sorry for this guy. He took someone against their will…. Let me say that again he took someone against their will and you think he should have not been shot. What if she was your mother, you or even better yet your daughter. I bet you would pull the trigger your self then. Michelle I hope you get a chance to be in that situation someday. People like you make this country believe that it is ok to do bad things.

  • Will

    Really people, you guys that think he didn’t have a gun ask yourself one question. Would you be a hostage if he didn’t have a gun, please use common sense when you comment. It is unlikely anyone would be a willing hostage if you don’t threaten their life with a weapon that could end their life. Outside of a gun I am not going peacefully so I doubt you would either.

  • Robert Gift

    ^ Jake, many do not want the criminal killed.
    But a lethal shot may be necessary to prevent him from physically harming his hostage.
    It does not matter if it turns out he was unarmed. He ACTED armed and his hostage acted as though he was armed.
    HE CHOSE to cause the option of killing him. Perhaps this was his failed “suicide by cop.”

  • Fred M. Raney

    At what point would you, as the perp, look out upon all those police cars, the officers WITH LETHAL WEAPONS, IN HAND, and think to your self, “Duh, this is not good. I would like to survive my stupidity today.” and come out ALONE and surrender to overwhelming forces? When you endanger someone’s life, as he did the hostage, then reap your just reward. -and Michelle, YOU are a dumbass…

  • M. Rutkowski

    Well hell Jake, maybe you should have been there since you can tell so much from this video. I guess you have x-ray vision to see whats in his right hand right? Oh that plus your mind reading skills to know what the bad guy’s plan was. You’re like freakin Superman!

  • Glenn Lazaroo

    michelle you need a reality check……cops don’t resort to shooting people unless they feel it is the last resort. they may have seen or heard something that is not evident in the video that have led them to make that decision to consciously shoot that idiot.

  • William M.

    Fantastic. What a good start . If they would do this every time a criminal thinks they can outsmart the police then they would think twice about doing stupid things. Cudos to the police department and the no bull approach.

  • George Krooglik

    Well done to the officers in this volatile situation. I had 35 years operational street policing here in Australia and compliment them on their attempts to resolve situation peacefully but had to resort to a tactic to save the hostage. Michelle , you are such a naïve idiot !

  • HU

    All of you who are critical of the police, you’re all a bunch of idiots! When you need the police, DON’T CALL, handle your problems in your own pathetic ways.

    Michelle, words almost fail me in expressing how STUPID you seem by your comments!

  • Wade Green

    While the Republicans are telling Michelle what they think of her, the Liberals are trying to find a way to get her in Congress !!! May you be next Michelle !!!!

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