Police undergo intense training to make decision of when to shoot

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DENVER -- Police officers and SWAT team members know that firing their weapons may be the toughest decision they will ever have to make.

They spend a great deal of time training for events like the one in Denver Monday where an officer fired a single shot to take down a suspect who was holding a woman hostage at a 7-Eleven store in west Denver.

Deborah Takahara has an inside look at their training focused on when to shoot in her video report.



  • SloCatch

    I thought that they did well shooting the punk that held a woman hostage and making her a human shield yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t it seem suspicious that this drivel is printed right after two people are murdered by police in consecutive nights? Not to mentioned the acquittal of the two pieces of human garbage that tortured and murdered Thomas Kelly on video? As if this load of crud will offer the general public some sort of peace of mind? We’re not nearly gullible enough to fall for this ploy. Never trust a thug in blue.

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