Omaha, Neb. grateful for Peyton Manning

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DENVER -- Fans watching Sunday's Broncos game may have thought Peyton Manning was endorsing Nebraska's largest city after shouting the word "Omaha" more than forty times.

The clip, which has gone viral online, is throwing Omaha into the national and social media spotlight.

"We've been thinking about how we can get the word out to Peyton Manning to say thanks and see what we can send him," said the President of Omaha's Chamber of Commerce on Monday.

The organization is pouncing on the opportunity by pairing Manning's words with a reminder to everyone that Omaha is open for business and visitors.

Companies including Omaha Steaks also took to social media on Monday to thank Manning for bringing the Omaha name to the forefront.

The Chamber of Commerce of Omaha is expected to publish a reply video to Manning on Thursday. It's not clear if Manning will reuse the word "Omaha" during Sunday's game against the New England Patriots.



  • Brandon Smith

    This past Sunday was not the first time Manning has used “Omaha” as part of his count. Go back to previous games and you will hear it, the main difference is the varying channels that broadcast the games have different or even better microphones used to pick up the chatter on the field. It is nice of Nebraska to want to thank him. That said it sounds to me like Nebraska is desperate for tourism.

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