Brophy hits Tancredo for post-Columbine gun control vote

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State Sen. Greg Brophy (left) and former Congressman Tom Tancredo are both seeking the GOP's gubernatorial nomination in 2014.

DENVER — Fighting to gain traction in the GOP’s gubernatorial primary field, state Sen. Greg Brophy is taking aim at the current front-runner, Tom Tancredo, over the former congressman’s record on gun control.

Brophy attacked Tancredo Monday over a 1999 vote by the former congressman who supported legislation to restrict the sale, transfer, importation and possession of assault rifles and magazines with higher than a 10-round capacity, a measure that is, at least generally, comparable to the ban approved by Colorado Democrats last year that outlaws magazines of more than 15 rounds.

“To a lot of people, this is the seminal issue,” Brophy told FOX31 Denver. “Tancredo’s record on gun control is actually worse than John Hickenlooper’s.”

Brophy is highlighting Tancredo’s support for House Resolution 2122 back on June 18, 1999, just two months after the horrific shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, in Tancredo’s congressional district and just blocks from the lawmaker’s home.

In a New York Times article published three days after the vote, Tancredo explained why he supported the legislation, making him the only member of Congress from Colorado to do so (the legislation died, with Republicans arguing that the restrictions went too far and Democrats that they didn’t go far enough).

In response to a question from reporter James Brooke, who asked “what made the difference?”, Tancredo replied:

”Twelve dead children, one dead adult, 24 injured kids and a community that has had its heart broken — that made the difference.”

In the same article, Tancredo acknowledged the difference between representing a community still reeling from what was the country’s first major school shooting and more rural parts of the state.

“Life in El Paso County, life on the Western Slope, life in Eastern Colorado, is a lot different than life in Littleton, Colo.,” Tancredo told the Times.

FOX31 Denver has been unable to reach Tancredo for a reaction Monday morning. We’ll update this post when we connect with him.

Brophy, a farmer from Wray known for his strong pro-gun stance and for hosting an annual watermelon shoot, is fighting hard to gain traction in a primary field that includes Tancredo, a well-known conservative stalwart who twice ran for president on a hard-line immigration platform and has a long national donor list.

“I know it’s hard to say no to gun control after a tragedy like Newtown or Columbine, but I did it,” Brophy said. “Every other Republican in the Colorado House and Senate did it.  When the pressure was on, Tom Tancredo wouldn’t support the Second Amendment.”

Secretary of State Scott Gessler and former Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp are also among the more viable contenders for the GOP’s nomination with less than two months until the party assemblies that will likely narrow the primary field.

Brophy believes the gun issue could cause some Republican primary voters to think twice about supporting Tancredo, who has polled well ahead of the field to date and even touted an endorsement from rock and roll musician and famed bow hunter Ted Nugent.

In a fundraising pitch to Tancredo supporters, Nugent described Tancredo as someone who “made waves in Washington by vehemently opposing…insane infringements to our Second Amendment rights.”

“Someone should be asking Ted Nugent if he knew that Tancredo and Gov. Hickenlooper were so similar in their stance on guns,” Brophy said. “He’s got more in common with Evie Hudak and Hickenlooper than with Ted Nugent.”

Hudak is one of three senate Democrats who lost their seats last year after the tougher gun laws sparked a recall movement targeting some of the lawmakers who supported the legislation (former senators John Morse and Angela Giron were recalled in September, while Hudak resigned in late November to avoid a likely recall election and ensure that her seat, and the senate itself, remained in Democratic control).



  • Paulie

    wow. so this is why tom tancredo won’t debate a single opponent. what other liberal policies does he secretly support?

  • Green eyed monster

    Poor Brophy, he has no chance and he’s acting out in desperation. Brophy didn’t seem to have a problem with Tancredo’s record in 2010, when Brophy gave Tancredo a glowing endorsement filled with praise! I suspect Brophy is more than a little jealous over the support Tancredo is getting from Ted Nugent, and the Recall groups. I’m sure Brophy’s record isn’t without questionable votes. BYW, a resolution is not a bill.

  • Danny M

    Senator Brophy has no chance??? He just won both recent polls. Tancredo may have the name recognition from when he LOST to Hickenlooper in 2010, but he LOSES TO HICK. Senator Brophy is the only one in the pack that polling says can defeat Hick. Personally, I’d prefer to win with Brophy than lose with Tancredo.

    And nowhere in your response did you explain WHY Tancredo voted FOR GUN CONTROL. I’d love to hear it.

    Colorado PPP Poll

    RLC Straw Poll

  • Test

    Tancredo is NOT worse than Hickenlooper. He may have supported a dumb idea, but it’s not the end of the world.

    FYI, Columbine occurred DURING a nation wide ban on 10+ round magazines. Between 1994 and 2004 the law was in effect.

    If anything Columbine showed how useless many (not all) gun control laws are.

    It’s OK to grieve when you’ve suffered a loss, but people should learn to control their behavior. Germany destroyed their entire country after their Reichstag incident.

    “Life is tough … It’s tougher when you’re stupid.” John Wayne

  • jb2000

    Apparently Brophy cannot hit anything with the first 10 shots. Innocent people are dying because we refuse to lower our ego long enough to enact laws that just might do some good. I myself have weapons and if necessary-AND it is I can wait longer for the next gun I buy. Knowing that waiting just might deter a person who is mentally unstable or a convict that is hellbent on revenge (for something he or she did and got caught) cause its someone else’s fault. I will wait a little longer so that an INNOCENT does not get killed.

  • Jimmy

    If Tancredo supported this, what makes us think he wouldn’t bend to Bloomberg and NY money just like Hick? Tancredo is a tumbleweed. Senator Brophy is right on the money here.

  • john swanson

    And Brophy voted to pass tuition assistance for Illegals….That was THIS year, Trancredo did that years ago….I do know, Trancredo has a concealed carry, does Brophy?

  • Scott

    At this point people need to do research on their own. Stop listening to news and online b.s. personally ted nugent is a serious patriot and if he gets wind of this he will pull his endorsement if tancredo is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Myself i’m tired of my rights being taken away. And stopping or slowing law abiding citizens from getting what they want or need. Criminals don’t wait. And they don’t follow the rules. They get what they want bye stealing or paying on the street. This stuff is on the street and available if u have the cash and know where to go. How can u be so stupid. Its like heroin. It’s not sold at 7-11 but go around the side and u can get a balloon. These laws r a joke to make people feel safe when your rights are being taken, and you just smile and let them. Lambs to the slaughter!

  • Tommy Michaels

    Awesome post Scott. Show me one gun control bill that stopped a criminal. Not even the gun grabbers can do that. Funny how liberals continue to do just this – pass a bill to make people feel safer even though it does squat except take our rights away. Heck yeah – can’t wait to vote for that nonsense.

  • Jason

    Of course Senator Brophy does have a concealed carry. He’s a real supporter of the 2nd amendment. Tancredo is all smoke and mirrors. Still haven’t heard a good explanation of his pro gun control vote, just attacks against real 2nd amendment supporters like Senator Brophy.

  • Fast45

    Sad for the voters … Hickenlooper should be an easy mark this election. Conservative fiscal responsibility and safeguarding the Second Amendment are top priorities … but the Repubs routinely mire their rhetoric in debates about evolution, snuffing women’s reproductive rights, etc. Why are the Repubs all so uneducated?

    Hickenlooper hires and embraces illegals. Repubs stiff them. Gee, I wonder who will get the Hispanic voters?

    Hickenlooper cannot muster enough spine to do what Colorado’s voters and a jury have mandated for Nathan Dunlap. Dems would ban private weapon possession in most public places, so that murderers are the only ones with a gun … then turn and say that if a mass murderer is “crazy” then we can’t put them to death. Duh. Of course they are crazy … Let ’em swing! Rhonda Fields doesn’t want armed private citizens, because they might shoot thieving shoplifters like herself. Bloomberg will take away your guns AND your Big Gulp, because he knows best and we know nothing … Hick’s biggest fan.

    Fire ALL incumbents, regardless of party affiliation … Not one of them has earned your vote! Make your vote MEAN something this time!

  • Dick Peabody

    “Did so! Did not! Did so! Did not! I’m curious to hear Tanc’s explanation for his decidedly temporary spell of insanity but, in the meantime, I think Brophy’s making a big mistake by turning the primary into a pissingcontest with one of Colorado’s few genuine conservative voices. You’re going to mess things up for everybody, Greg, by flinging the poo and making everybody smell bad, including you.

  • therealness

    A true conservative? He was the ONLY one to vote FOR gun control. That automatically disqualifies him as a TRUE conservative. And this isn’t a pissing contest. Voters need to know who they’re running against Hick. Tancredo’s voting record is important information. It needs to be brought out in the open BEFORE we decide in the primary, not quietly swept under the rug. Facts matter. Calling him on an important issue isn’t flinging poo. The 2nd amendment is important.

  • Andrew Good (@Drewbueno)

    Brophy is unbelievable. He sounds like a Chicago politician, and at this point I think he’d say just about anything to win (even that might be generous – it might be just as true that he’d say just about anything to get press and lose with a smaller margin). Nobody votes principle over interest groups like Tancredo – he practically delights in turning the knife in the side of the crony capitalist Chamber of Commerce and their army of GOP patron patsies. This story stinks of Brophy’s desperation.

  • Sharkdiver

    Tancredo says he doesn’t believe in evolution. That, in my mind, disqualifies him for any political position. And now an anti-gun vote…Stick a fork in him. He will never win a general election, and the GOP will never win this race by running a socon. Very depressing.

  • Jim

    That is a 10 ton gorilla in his closet for certain. “What made the difference” is that when it came down to brass tacks on our rights, he voted with the knee jerk emotion of the moment.

  • a good conservative is one that dies of cancer

    We are taking the worthless GOP scum out in 2014. A good conservative is one that dies of cancer!

  • a good conservative is one that dies of cancer

    The GOP will continue to put up flawed radical caNdidates like Brophy and Tancredo. Good conservatives are ones that die of cancer.

  • a good conservative is one that dies of cancer

    Brophy is an extremist. He will get his butt kicked. bring it on you GOP parasite.

  • Danny M

    No use in being vile. It certainly doesn’t serve your point. The fact remains that Hickenlooper is in trouble. No amount of kicking and screaming or name calling will distract Coloradans from Hicks record in 2014. Best of luck.

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