Police shoot barricaded suspect who used woman as human shield

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hostageDENVER -- A man who took a woman hostage at a Denver 7-Eleven Monday morning was shot by an officer, police said.

The incident started when police got a call about a suspicious person inside the store at West Colfax Avenue and Perry Street shortly before 9 a.m.

He took a female hostage, and there were employees and customers inside the store during the incident, said Denver Police Chief Robert White.

RAW VIDEO: Man takes woman hostage and uses her as human shield

Police negotiated with the man for about an hour before he came out with a female hostage.

The man used the woman as a shield, while police yelled at him to surrender.

"He then attempted to drag the female back in the store. Out of fear for the female's safety, one of the officers fired one shot, striking the individual," White said.

The suspect was apparently hit in the torso, and he was listed in critical condition at Denver Health Medical Center.

This woman, who refused to give her name, was taken hostage by a man at a Denver 7-Eleven.

This woman, who refused to give her name, was taken hostage by a man at a Denver 7-Eleven.

The hostage was not harmed.  Later in the afternoon the woman, who did not to give us her name, said she was glad she survived the incident unharmed.

"It was terrifying. It was stressful and I don't wish it on my enemy," she said.  "Everybody that's concerned about me, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers."

She said police did a "great job," of handling the situation.

White said the man "indicated that he had a weapon," but police did not confirm that.

A FOX31 Denver photographer was positioned across the street from the scene and recorded the shooting. In the video, the man can be seen standing behind the woman. He wore a grey hoodie and didn't appear to say anything.

White said he was pleased that the situation ended without any officers or victims being hurt.

Cowell Elementary School, Lake International School, Strive Prep at the Lake Campus, Cheltenham Elementary and Colfax Elementary were all placed on a modified lockdown, Denver Public Schools said. The lockdown was lifted at 9:30 a.m.

Colfax was closed from Newton Street to west of Perry, and between 14th and 16th avenues, DPD said.



  • Alpha Omega

    Steven, you’re an idiot. At this point your fear of inanimate objects is a sign that you’re mentally unstable. You should be on some heavy meds, because if you’re afraid of an inanimate object, you have problems.

  • Bryan

    Let’s bash on the police. After all they shot an armed gun man that had a hostage. TheY should have used harsh language or something.

  • clownrodeo

    Hey look another liberal, socialist, progressive democrat just like Homes and Lanza, good job Obama would be proud

  • JV

    Now, now… let’s be calm. I’m sure the perpetrator of that vile act was legally entitled to own and carry that firearm by state statute. I’m not so sure about the valiant, but down-trodden, hostage-taker, though. /sarcasm

  • Fast45

    Maybe Hickenlooper, Flelds, and Hancock can help pass laws declaring convenience stores to be “gun-free zones.” That way, only the criminal will be allowed to have a weapon, and we can all feel safer.

  • Jason

    At what point in this story do they confirm that the criminal had a gun? I can see where it says “It was not clear whether the man was armed.”
    I guess to highly educated liberals that means he had a gun.

  • HotRod Polk

    You comment queens are idiots…The article never states the suspect had a gun. And in Denver Police double talk, that means he had nothing. If he were armed, they would have listed Brand, model and how many bullets were in the clip…

  • jon and nikol

    The arguments being made on both sides here are ridiculous and off topic, however the fact is gun control works. There is absolutely no statistical evidence to support the opinion that an armed general populous makes anyone safer (a well regulated militia may be a different story). Indeed, all evidence to the contrary. Even in Chicago, where gun violence was high under strict controls, it was even higher in the years prior to its implementation and has risen in the recent years since being struck down by the supreme court. There are plenty of arguments to be made in favor of gun rights, but making communities safer just isn’t one of them.

  • Mel

    Jon and Nikol: you are incorrect. And a “well-regulated militia” would have to be something the government had nothing to do with and free, armed citizens controlled. Go do some research before commenting, for goodness sake!

  • Dick Peabody

    Jon and Nikol, I second what Mel posted. You folks really do need to read up and become informed citizens. Maybe you could start with Dr. John Lott’s book, “More Guns, Less Crime.”

  • common sense

    Jon and Nikol I have a question, how come states and cities that implement
    concealed carry for its citizens have always seen a drop in violent crime? How come Switzerland has such low violent crime rates but citizens have to own firearms by law? Oh and yeah just shy of 500 murders is doing great for Chicago, a whole 180 less then the record high.that’s working great?

  • jon and nikol

    Switzerland actually has incredibly strict gun laws. Yes, most homes have rifles because of mandatory enlistment, but you can’t take fire arms out in public and very few people own hand guns.

    Chicago has had several years over 900. The worst was 970 in 1974.

  • t.l Robb

    well, gi ven that a; denver county is the only county in CO with a pesonal weapons defense ban, and 2; 7-11 doesnt allow their clerks to posseess weapons onsite, it seems like a wash. (at an independently owned c-store in another county, the dude would have very likely have been properly shot by an armed clerk, and saving the local sherriffs dept the expense of jailing him.

  • Wilsey

    He never had a gun. “Indicated”. What a lie to cover rear ends. “But he had a silver object” Coke can: 500,000 out of the Denver bank. Paul Childs: 25 feet away and gunned down holding a knife over his head. “Real threat”. 500,000 bucks. Pathetic, like Tom Martino’s producer saying he is QUITTING this week. Likely because the 911 tape is coming and the show gets flushed.

  • Heather Gwinn

    I am very grateful for the courage and skill demonstrated by our Police Officers involved in this incident, but I am compelled to express my disappointment in Fox 31 for running the video of the actual shooting of the individual. Not only one time, but three or four times. This news cast runs at 9 p.m. Had my child been watching at the time, I would be doing more than complaining on a blog.

  • Matt

    Too bad there wasn’t a brave citizen carrying concealed in the store at the time to take this guy out. Luckily the police took care of it, however it is unfortunate they didn’t go for the head shot :(

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